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Have you seen my dogs? They really wanna eat- I mean, meet you!
~ Scylla
Let's see: Ajax, Achilles, Cyril, Zoey. Everyone ready?
~ Scylla preparing her "hounds".

Scylla is a playable character in the MOBA videogame Smite. She is a character from the Greek pantheon, originated from ancient Greek mythology, being a monster who scatters boats who got through her lair and have pleasure in giving her enemies to feed her hound-tentacles.


In ancient writings, they often warn of a dangerous stream that hosts two dangerous challenges (Scylla and Charybdis), with either must be conquered to pass the channel. One of these two terrors, Scylla is said to be a nightmarish monster, with tentacles topped with the heads of hounds that tear ships asunder, with Scylla laughing all the while. Some poets said she wad formerly a Naiad tricked and transformed, while others said she was always evil. Regardless, Scylla joined the Battle of the Gods on dry land, ready to use her nightmarish talents to tear even the gods to pieces.

A mage type character, Scylla mainly uses both her "hounds" to attack others and powerful magic to summon sentinels or release a powerful burst of energy. In addition, Scylla's passive grants her abilities not only more damage, but additional effects at max rank.


Scylla's tentacles have one hound head each which remain hidden beneath the earth during the fights. They assist in Scylla's attacks:

  • Ajax (Named after the Greek hero who fought the Trojan War, Ajax is one of Scylla's frontal tentacles who assist her in the moves "Sic 'Em" and "I'm a monster".
  • Achilles (Named after the Greek hero who was the strongest of Greece, Achilles is the other frontal tentacle of Scylla. Alongside Ajax, he assists her in "Sic 'Em" and "I'm a monster" as well.
  • Cyril (Appears to be the less important hound, as he is not named after any known mythological character and not assist in any attacks either. However, he rises from the ground like the others during the move "I'm a monster", but doesn't attack himself.
  • Zoey (Also not named by a known mythological character, Zoey is one of the rear dogs alongside Cyril, and is the only female hound. She is the one used in the move "Sentinel" where she increases Scylla's vision of the map, and assist Scylla in escaping tough situations. She also rises from the ground during the move "I'm a monster", but doesn't attack.