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[[Category:Mentally Ill]]
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[[Category:Crime Lord]]

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Señor Palomar, or Señor Gomez, in the United Kingdom, is an Adventurers Jungle minifgure introduced in 1999.


Señor Palomar has light grey legs, a white torso assembly, black hands donned as gloves and white cowboy-type hat. He features facial hair such as a black goatee and moustache. The torso features a white suit jacket with a brown waistcoat and black tie in the centre.


He is a South American bandit that helped Sam Sinister in collecting gems. He headed a criminal organization which included Rudo Villano and Sam Sinister's sister Alexia Sinister. He has made an appearance in a LEGO game depicting the Great Train robbery (called Train Heist), with Señor Palomar taking the role of the main bandit.

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