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Can't handle swallowing just one? What do you think one hundred would be like? Two hundreds? Two thousands?
~ The Sea Bonnies to Mott

The Sea Bonnies are a hostile species who appear in the story by the same name in Fazbear Frights#10: Friendly Face as the titular main antagonists.


Rory, Mott's younger brother, while at Freddy's, buys the eggs of Sea Bonnies, sea monkeys genetically modified by Fazbear Entertainment to look like they have rabbit ears and look similar to Bonnie. Rory dumps the eggs into the fish tank where he keeps his fish Fritz, and, the next day, they hatch, and the Sea Bonnies come out of it. Mott expresses his disgust for them, they get into formation and stare at him, until Rory forces him to apologize. While he leaves, he ears a whisper in his ears, calling him a scaredy cat. The next day, Mott insults them again, which causes them to thrash the water in anger. Trough the week, he keeps hearing the whispers insulting him. One day, he sees the Sea Bonnies attacking Fritz. After the creatures stop their attacks, Mott discovers Fritz has turned a translucent blue color, the same of the Sea Bonnies, and that there are lumps of Sea Bonnies inside him. Realizing Fritz has been replaced with a replica made of Sea Bonnies, he decides to get rid of them, afraid they might do the same to Rory. He flushes them away in the toilet, and, after having done that, he goes eating dinner. He then goes brushing his teeth, and drinks a glass of water in the bathroom, immediately feeling a lump in his throat. Mott starts to feel sick and to have stomach cramps. The whispers also comes back, calling him a coward, a murderer and a "milkshop". He goes to the doctor, but he's unable to notice anything wrong. One day, the pain stops. Mott starts to be afraid they have already consumed his stomach and gets a CAT scan, which reveals the presence of clumps in the body. However, the doctor assumes it's just a mistake with the scanner. Later that night, Mott notices hi skin has turned of a translucid pale blue, the same as the one he saw on Fritz after he was attacked by the Sea Bonnies, and he decides to run to the hospital now that the symptoms have become obvious to see. As he runs, pieces of flesh fall off him and whatever left of his original self keeps being consumed and replaced by Sea Bonnies.

At the hospital, Claudia, a nurse, hears plashes and a suctioning sound outside, and when she goes checking, she sees what is seemingly Mott outside in heavy rain. He smiles at Claudia, telling her that it's a nice day and everyone should be outside, as he walks away in the rain.


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