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Sea Creatures are the secondary antagonists of the 2012 Disney film Frankeweenie.

Their vocal sound effects were provided by Frank Welker, who also did the vocal sound effects of Sparky in the same film.


When Bob pours a bag of sea monkey seeds in the pool, he use the electric experiment on the pool and when the lightning strikes the sea monkeys mutate into a small army of mischievous gremlin-like monsters and they begin to terrorize the people around town. At the Dutch Day Festival, The Sea Creatures went on a rampage and play tricks on the townspeople.

After witnessing one of the sea creatures eat a box of popcorn and explode after swallowing. Victor and Bob get an idea upon realizing that the freshwater creature can't tolerate salt. The two then make a whole stack of popcorn inside a small tentacle the sea creatures went inside to feed on it. Afterwards, Victor and Bob seal the creatures inside and the tent swells up and explodes into a green slime and the rampage of Sea Creatures is over.


  • Since the other monsters are meant to bare a resemblence to the original Universal Movie monsters, the Sea Monsters are meant to resemble the Gill-Man from Creature From The Black Lagoon.
  • Unlike the other monsters, the Sea Creatures were not resurrected from a dead animal. Like the Vampire Cat, the Sea Creatures were mutated through the use of lightning. In this case, they were mutated from a pack of Sea Monkey eggs in a swimming pool.
  • The Sea Creature bare an obvious resemblance to the Gremlins from the 1984 Warner Bros. comedy horror film Gremlins by Joe Dante. Like the Gremlins, the Sea Creatures spawn from water, cause chaos for personal amusement and die by exploding from an unorthodox method.
  • After watching one of them explode to death after eating popcorn, Victor figures out that they are fresh water animals and that they cannot tolerate salt, thus leading him and Bob to whip up a fresh batch of popcorn to help get rid of the remaining Sea Monkeys.
  • The Sea Monkeys are between species of a shrimp and a sea monkey.


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