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The Sea Monkey is a minor antagonist on Brickleberry, only appearing in the episode "Steve the Fearless Pilot". He is a sea monkey that got mutated into a giant monster.


In "Steve the Fearless Pilot", Malloy ordered some sea monkeys from a comic book, which turned out to be total duds, as it was just one seemingly dead sea monkey. Unhappy with how he got ripped off, Malloy flushed the sea monkey down the toilet, where it ended up in Miracle Lake, which was filled with toxic waste. This toxic waste mutated the sea monkey into a gigantic tentacle monster that terrorized the lake and destroyed boats and killed sailors. Steve Williams heard about this, and seized the opportunity to prove he was an excellent pilot by flying a helicopter into the sea monkey to kill it, only for the sea monkey to grab Steve and eat him. Inside of the sea monkey's stomach, Steve was greeted by his other victims, those being Bobby Possumcods, BoDean Lynn, and Firecracker Jim. Steve got the idea to load a cannon with gunpowder and fire themselves out of the sea monkey through his stomach, which tore open his belly and killed it. After saving Brickleberry from the sea monkey, the repurposed the sea monkey's corpse into a water park for kids.


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