Seagorath is a kaiju in the Ultra Series first appearing episode 14 of Ultraman Jack.


Ultraman Jack

Alongside his mate Seamons, Seagorath attacked a ship full of diamonds and gems by using his weather-controlling powers before vanishing below the waves.

He later assisted Seamons when she was confronted by MAT, using his weather control powers to create a Tsunami hundreds of feet tall and send it to Japan. However, Hideki Go transformed into Ultraman Jack and created an Ultra Barrier to reflect the tsunami back at Seagorath. While successful, it caused Jack to lose most of his energy.

Seamons was soon attacked again by Japan's SDF, prompting Seagorath to once again go to assist his mate. The two used their combined powers to create a tornado to repel the SDF. The two then began their mating process.

However, Ultraman Jack had fully recoverd by the next dat and soon returned to fight Seagorath and Seamons. Initially being overpowered, Jack soon gained the upper hand in the fight after MAT fired their Laser Gun SP-70 at Seagorath's horn. With Seagorath's weather control powers disabled, the two retreated back into the ocean.

Seagorath was later revived along with Bemstar by Alien Nackle to test Jack's power. Jack destroyed Seagorath's horn with his Specium Ray before finishing off the monster.

Ultraman Taro

Seagorath was shown in a flashback as a member of the Empera Army led by Alien Empera.

Ultraman Ginga

Seagorath was a participant in the Dark Spark War who was turned into a Spark Doll by Dark Lugiel. His spark doll was later one of the things Alien Icarus combined into himself to form Tyrant.

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