The Seagulls are an antagonistic group of hungry avians in the 1988 animated feature film The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin. They are the main enemies of the penguins that like to kill penguins and take the eggs from the penguins.

Their vocal effects were provided by Frank Welker.

Role in the film

In the beginning of the movie, they constantly threaten to steal the penguin eggs and raids the nesting grounds while the females are away. Unfortunately, the hunger and all that the good food that was waiting made some of the male penguins abandon their nest. Scamper's Father, Gilbert, saves the egg of another family, meanwhile one of his two eggs is stolen from their nest. When Gracie returns, Gilbert says that one of the eggs is not theirs. They return another's egg and have one egg for themselves.

When the eggs finally hatch, the egg that is kept hatches into Scamper, a handsome blue and white male penguin. He meets Snowflake, a beautiful red and white female penguin. One day, he runs away from his nest. He climbs a hill and reaches the top. A pair of seagulls attack Scamper, but a big red helicopter immediately blows them away, seriously injuring the seagulls themselves. Scamper also encounters Cowboy the dog. He and his owner, the scientist return Scamper home, but he ends up in trouble with Gilbert.

In one of his adventures, Cowboy and his human guardian, who are on a scientific expedition. Momentarily he decides to with Snowflake escape again. Scamper introduces Snowflake to Cowboy, but Scamper is attacked again by a seagull. The seagull swoops down to try to get back Scamper, but Cowboy grabs the seagull and playfully throws it to death, and they were never possibly seen again afterwards in the rest of the movie.