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Behold! The end of the world is upon us!
~ Sean Keanan

Sean Keanan is one of the bosses or psychopaths featured in the 2006 video game Dead Rising. He is also an optional boss in the main mode 72 Hours, who can be encountered for the first time on the 2nd day at 1 p.m. in Paradise Plaza in the unannounced scoop The Cult and the second time on the 3rd day at 12 a.m. in Paradise Plaza in the Colby's Movieland Cinema in the scoop A Strange Group. He is a fanatical religious leader who founded the True Eye Cult that kidnaps and kills other survivors in sacrificial rituals, believing that by shedding their tained blood they would be able to save the world. His cultists roam the mall until Frank finds their hideout in a movie theater.

He was voiced by Peter Renaday, who also played Al Mualim in Assassin's Creed.


On September 20, at 1 p.m., Frank West enters Paradise Plaza and sees an unusual situation. Namely, just outside the Colby's Movieland Cinem he sees a group of people wearing raincoats with green masks on their faces, an elderly man in white robes with a sword, who are performing an ritual to kill a defenseless woman named Jennifer Gorman. After throwing the bound and gagged woman into the chest, Sean tries to puncture her, but in the distance he notices Frank taking pictures of them. Sean tells the others that Frank is a heretic and orders the cultists to kill him before leaving the scene, abandoning the plan to kill Jennifer.

The next day after midnight, Otis informs Frank that these cultists have a hideout inside the Colby's Movieland Cinema, who flock there in large numbers to prepare for something big. Frank goes to the cinema and enters the cinema hall number 4. Inside the room, Frank sees that the entire hall has been stripped of its seats, full of burning trash bins and a dummy acting as an idol. Sean is in the process of speaking to four survivors tied to cinema seats named Nathan Crabbe, Michelle Feltz, Ray Mathison and Beth Shrake, telling them that they are ignorant for refusing to join them and will be killed for that. After a while, Sean realizes Frank's presence and tells him it's time to return his "tainted blood" and attacks Frank.

After the fight, the defeated Sean falls straight on the altar with a mannequin with a sword and starts praying to it. Sean pleads with it to give him strength, then raises his head and sees a wobbly mannequin falling straight at him, and the sword sticking from it stabs him right in his right eye, killing him in a very brutal manner. After his death, Frank manages to deal with the last members of the cult, and rescue four survivors in the cinema room and Cheryl Jones locked in the closet.




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