Behold! The end of the world is upon us!
~ Sean Keanan

Sean Keanan was the insane leader of the True Eye cult who is armed with his ceremonial sword and he is a boss in the videogame Dead Rising.


Sean who is the possible founder and current leader of his apocalyptic sect known as the True Eye, views others as corrupted (due to the zombie apocalypse) and he felt it was his duty to kill them all using his sword and fought against the game's protagonist.

Sean is about to sacrifice Jennifer Gorman in a crate with a ceremonial sword when he spots Frank taking pictures of the cult ritual. Sean orders his Raincoat Cult (True Eye) followers to kill Frank.

Frank later receives the scoop A Strange Group from Otis telling him the cult is in Colby's Movieland in Paradise Plaza. When Frank arrives in theater 4, Sean is performing rituals in front of a mannequin (which he comminucates to and worships as an image of God), surrounded by 5 people who have been taken by him as hostages and potential sacrificial offerings.

Sean was surprisingly quick and powerful but was eventually defeated regardless. Sean met an ironic and gruesome death whilst praying to his "god" (which was a mannequin with swords stabbed into it) for aid, but the mannequin lost balance, dropped the sword in it's hand and impaled the mad preacher through the eye, ending his threat as well as his life.




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