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I ain't a ponce, Mr Allen. I work for my money. Ruby is a demanding girl, I worked up quite a sweat. Ohhh.... Sean don't stop....(Johnny grabs him).... OI MATE!! Watch the suit, you paid for it!
~ Sean Slater taunting the square's former gangland boss Johnny Allen over the latter's daughter Ruby, thus triggering the events of Johnny's death in the process.

Sean Slater is a fictional character and anti-hero of the British BBC soap drama EastEnders. He was an anti-hero from 22nd August 2006 to 1st January 2009, before reappearing as a minor character in 2019 and later making a one-episode appearence on 1 November 2021.

He was portrayed by actor Robert Kazinsky.


In his first stint, Sean first came to Albert Square as the hotheaded brother of Stacey Slater as well as the son of Jean Slater - thus being a member of the Slater Family himself.

Sean's first storylines saw him forging a romantic business partnership with Stacey's best-friend Ruby Allen, feuding with his employer Jake Moon, indirectly causing the death of Ruby's gangland father Johnny Allen, clashing with local resident Max Branning after discovering his affair with Stacey, conspiring with Max's betrayed wife Tanya Cross to bury Max in the woods, having a relationship with wayward barmaid Roxy Mitchell before eventually marrying her, and becoming enemies with both Roxy's evil father Archie Mitchell. In his exit storyline, Sean kidnaps Roxy and her infant daughter Amy after finding out that he is not the child's father as he originally believed.

In his second stint, Sean reappears two years after Roxy was killed-off alongside her older sister Ronnie Mitchell - which occurred eight years after Sean's first exit. The character merely appeared in a few episodes which sees Sean getting reacquainted with Max's brother Jack Branning, also his love rival, before nearly committing suicide after it is revealed that Sean had previously killed his abusive father Brian Slater in the past. Afterwards, Sean departed the series again.



Sean Slater first arrived at Albert Square in 2006. He originally appeared looking to track down Al, the man who got Sean kick out of the army under personal reasons. He finds Al's place and proceeds to break inside and steals some of Al's belongings. While continuously tracking down Al, he later bumps into his sister Stacey Slater - from which he lost contact for around 7 years; Stacey is somehow not impressed to see Sean, feeling anguished over Sean's departure without even saying goodbye. Sean later gets revenge on Al afterwards and he orders him to not return back to Walford, otherwise he will kill him.

Sean decides to stay in Walford to look after his sister Stacey and their mother Jean following the latter's attempted suicide. During his stay, Sean starts pursuing with newly-arrived Tanya Cross - who along with her husband Max Branning and their family have also arrived on the square with the prospects of wishing to start anew. Sean later takes his eyes off her and forms a relationship with Stacey's best-friend Ruby Allen. Thus leading to have a clash with his business partner Jake Moon, who is looking out for Ruby under the orders of his crime boss Johnny Allen - also Ruby's father - due to the latter serving time in prison; Johnny had recently been convicted for murdering his gangland rival Andy Hunter and later ordering Jake's brother Danny Moon to kill local hardman Dennis Rickman in 2005. Jake soon gives Johnny the message about Sean dating his daughter and Johnny soon orders Sean to face him in prison. The next day Sean meets Johnny in prison and they have a verbal confrontation, with Sean taunting Johnny that he had sexual intercourse with Ruby. When Johnny fails to threaten Sean with his life, he puts his hands on Sean but is held back by guards and goes back to his cell. Johnny starts punching the walls while saying "I want him dead!" and storms off to phone Jake but suffers a heart attack before he can dial his phone number. Johnny's cellmate tells Johnny who he wants dead. "Jake...kill him for me!" Misinterpreted by his final words, Johnny dies in hospital. Ruby finds out about her father's death, leaving her breaking down in tears at the clubs. Jake packs his bags and leaves Albert Square but he's stopped by a stranger appeared to be Johnny's henchman asking if he's Jake Moon, nothing reveals after that - led to Jake's disappearance. Sean breaks up with Ruby by throwing her father's ashes kept inside a vase before she leaves Albert Square in a taxi, leaving Ruby anguished.

Sean begins a relationship with Tanya in early 2008. Sean tells Tanya that he is responsible for killing his father. After they find out about Max having an affair with Stacey whilst she was still married to his own son Bradley Branning, both Sean and Tanya plan to bury Max alive in a forest in retribution; however, Tanya feels guilty and she releases Max soon afterwards. Tanya and Sean later break up about how Sean wanted to raise a family with her but Tanya admits she used Sean to retaliate against Max over his affair. Sean attempts to threaten Tanya about burying Max alive to her kids but she retaliates about Sean killing his father to Stacey in order to keep his mouth shut.

Sean continues to keep quiet despite finding it hard over his rejection with Tanya. He soon begins to have a violent streak with people living around the Square, thus becoming somewhat a bully to others around him. This is most notified when he begins to target his neighbour Gus Smith by ordering him to pay his own rent while Sean is living there without Gus around. Gus never gives up on taking back his dog Wellard, even with Sean trying to take his dog away from him. Gus soon plans to leave Walford in order to get away from Sean, who has attempted to kill Gus and make it look like it's a suicide. Gus gets back his dog and he tells local resident Ronnie Mitchell that Sean is a cocaine dealer. Sean is exposed and is punched in the face by Ronnie at the Queen Vic just before she heads back upstairs.

At somepoint, Sean finds himself romantically entangled with Ronnie's youngest sister Roxy Mitchell. They later get married in secret and Roxy later gets pregnant, though not after having a brief one-night stand with Max's older brother Jack Branning - who is coincidentally dating Ronnie. After learning of Roxy's pregnancy, Sean is delighted at the prospects of becoming a father despite not being aware of Roxy's dalliance with Jack. He nevertheless tells Roxy to get a paternity test about who the father really is. It is then afterwards that Roxy hides away the test results from Sean, but her father Archie Mitchell finds out and makes a copy himself. It is clear that Archie intends to destroy Roxy's marriage with Sean because they don't get along with each other - as Archie believes that Sean's antics don't make him good enough for Roxy. Eventually, Sean finds out about the results on Christmas Day that Jack is the biological father of Amy Mitchell. Distraught over this, Sean lashes out at Jack over his dalliance with Roxy before storming away from the Queen Vic. He later comes across the square's notorious criminal, Nick Cotton, in the launderettes and confides his situation to him before setting off to drown his sorrows.

Sean later meets up with Roxy, wanting to leave Walford with Amy. At first Roxy agrees, but later grows scared over Sean's behaviour and alerts Ronnie about this. Ronnie and Jack later go after them whilst Archie, along with his sister-in-law Peggy Mitchell and her eldest son Phil Mitchell, phone the police about Sean. Later on that night, Sean takes Roxy and Amy to an icey lake where he intents to kill them and himself in a suicidal impact. Ronnie and Jack arrive in time to rescue Amy, shortly before Roxy and Sean collapse underneath the breaking ice. Ronnie rescues Roxy from the lake with Jack's help, but they are unable to find Sean and presume that he is dead. As Ronnie goes with Jack to collect their car for her sister, Roxy - with Amy on her arms - sees Sean from a long distance. Roxy tells Sean to go and he officially walks away into the dark, apparently never to be seen again.


Just over a decade after Sean's exit from Albert Square, Jean has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and she is desperately hoping to contact Sean to inform him of her situation. Stacey soon gives Jean his phone number and leaves a voicemail. Sean has returned back into Albert Square after he secretly picked up Amy from school. Not knowing that Roxy has passed away alongside Ronnie two years ago, Sean begins to badmouth Roxy upon recounting the time she lied to him about Amy's parentage. This quickly upsets Amy and she demands Sean to take her home. Along the way, however, Sean encounters Jack and they argue when Jack confronts him for upsetting Amy. In response, Sean tells Jack that he wants to see Roxy - which causes Jack to realize that Sean is unaware that Roxy and Ronnie have died. Eventually, Sean does learn that both Roxy and Ronnie are dead after Jack takes him to their graves at a cemetery.

Moments after learning how Roxy and Ronnie died, Sean gets into a heated argument with Jack about which of the sisters is to blame for their fatal predicaments - with Sean coming to Roxy's defense as Jack blames her for what happened to Ronnie. Soon enough, Jack and Sean begin to fight each other before ultimately going their separate ways. Sean later reunites with Jean in the pub, as well as Stacey in attendance. Sean then sees Ruby for the first time in 13 years and catches her attention. In response to seeing Sean back in Walford, Ruby goes up to him and slaps Sean in revenge for throwing Johnny's ashes at her.

Sean later goes to take Jean to chemo alongside Stacey. During chemotherapy, Sean asks Jean if she's going to die from cancer but she continuously asks other questions instead, making Sean lashing out at her and is taken out of the room by Stacey to cool off. Stacey has a confrontation with Sean about why he bothered coming back but later embraced by hugging each other afterwards.

After finishing time in chemotherapy and getting her hair shaved off by Sean in service, Jean and Stacey get taken by Sean - who goes on a trip somewhere out of the country. It all turns out that Sean is back in his ranch where he contemplates killing himself with a sawn-off shotgun. Jean finds where Sean is and talks to him willing to not kill himself over his past actions, Sean admits to her that he killed his father Brian Slater. Jean continues to talk to Sean in order to prevent his suicide. Sean gives up and hands her the shotgun, putting it down on the ground and they both hug each other as Sean breaks down in tears while Stacey sheds tears as well.

The next day, Sean tells Jean that he is leaving to get proper help at a mental health care facility - despite Jean's hopes that he would stay. Sean is wanting to leave to get serious help with his mental health. They both say their final goodbyes before Sean thereupon departs the square once more. This is shown to be Sean's last appearance from the show.


Sean Slater is a reckless, aggressive, destructive, hotheaded, and psychotic individual - because of how he killed his father and went on to serve his time in the military. This consequently resulted in Sean losing contact with his family and thus his sister Stacey in charge to look after his mother Jean, who was a heavy smoker during that time.

Additionally, Sean displayed few tendencies as a sadist and hardman because of his macho character. When he arrived back on the Albert Square in 2019, he appeared as a remorseful man due to his illegitimate activities in the past.



  • Robert Kazinsky (the actor who played Sean Slater in both stints) has been nominated for several awards in a number of British Soap ceremonies.