Seastar Fangire

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The Seastar Fangire is a Fangire of the Aquatic subclass and an antagonist in Kamen Rider Kiva.


The Seastar Fangire targeted female athletes to drain Life Energy from. One of his victims was Mami, who became traumatized by the sound of his Life-Sucking Fangs. The Fangire also assumed the identity of Sakichi Sakaguchi, a criminal being pursued by Keisuke Nago, and began messing with Keisuke to push him the brink of madness. The Seastar Fangire was later confronted by Kiva and initially fought the Rider in his normal form. While at first having the upper hand, the Seastar Fangire was overpowered by Kiva when he assumed DoGaBaKi form and shattered him.

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