Sebastian is a minor antagonist in the 2019 comedy mystery film Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. He is the owner of an underground Pokemon fighting arena of whom holds a grudge against Harry Goodman's Pikachu.

He was portrayed by Omar Chaparro.



Sebastian ran an underground Pokemon fighting arena in Ryme City accompanied always by his beloved Charizard. At some point he discovered the chemical known as R and started smuggling it with him and using it on Charizard for battles.

Shortly before the events of the film Harry Goodman and his Pikachu were challenged to a battle by Sebastian which ended with Pikachu using Volt Tackle and defeating Charizard, this act resulted in Charizard gaining a massive scar under his eye and a portion of Sebastian's beloved trenchcoat being burned. The two were left humiliated and vengeful.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

During the events of the film, an amnesiac Pikachu was recognized by Sebastian and immediately he stormed towards Tim Goodman (Harry's son) and demanded a rematch between his Charizard and Harry's Pikachu. Tim then explained that the two were investigating the R chemical and wanted to know where it came from, Sebastian promised to tell Tim everything he knew on the condition that the rematch took place.

During the rematch Pikachu forgot all of his signature moves and was left attempting to escape Charizard's wrath. This got to a point in which Tim decided to step in and break up the fight, seeing this Sebastian warned Tim to leave the arena otherwise he could be killed to which the latter didn't listen. Sebastian then stepped in and walked towards the commotion. In the ensuing chaos Tim tackled Sebastian to the ground in turn accidentally smashing all of the vials of R he had in his coat's interior pockets spreading the chemical across all of the Pokemon in the arena. Tim demanded to know about the R with Sebastian replying that all he knew was that the Doctor had made it, he then broke free of Tim's hold and fled the scene.


Sebastian is a dark-skinned man with black short hair and a goatee. He is always shirtless in spite of wearing a fur-collared trenchcoat and trousers, his body is also covered in tattoos.


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