President/General Sebastian "Bass" Monroe was seemingly the main antagonist of the action/adventure show "Revolution". A former Marine Corps Sergeant, following the power going out everywhere, he along with his friend and fellow soldier, Miles Matheson, founded The Monroe Republic which Monroe himself is the President and de facto dictator of, to try and provide some form of law and order to protect the people from the lawless society. Using there military knowledge, they trained the Monroe Militia, however the power corrupted him, and made him a ruthless dictator, hungry for more land and power severing his friendship with Miles.

After losing everything in the season 1 finale Monroe redeemed himself to an anti-hero later supporting protagonist helping Miles and the gang fight The Patriots and find his son Connor.

He was portrayed by David Lyons and his teenage self was portrayed by Patrick Johnson.


Born sometime in the early 1980s, Monroe and Miles grew up together, from childhood there were the best of friends. Early on Monroe designed his iconic "M" symbol, which would later become the symbol of his land. He created it to stand for both himself and Miles, as both there names ended in a "M". He enlisted in the US Marines with Miles, and served in Afghanistan at least twice. Two years before the black out, he lost his entire family when a drunk driver crashed into them, killing both his parents and his two younger sisters. This act affected him deeply, he almost committed suicide while sitting next to his families graves, Miles was there for him, and the two agreed that they were brothers, Miles was the only family he had left.

Before the blackout he was a Sergeant in the US Marine Corps, he was a womanizing dunk, but a good man nether the less, he was also friends with Miles family. However when the power went out, he was with Miles, his best friend. Together the two left the base to go and find Miles family, sick of waiting for orders that would never come, however on the way, seeing the carnage and destruction of the starving and lawless citizens, they began to form the militia trying to keep law and order, and protect the innocent. However the power started to Monroe's head.

Five years after the blackout in 2017, Monroe and Miles were leading a sizable group of people, Monroe was married and his wife was pregnant. Miles proposed that as there supplies were low and winter was coming soon the raid another camp, but Monroe was against it. Later his wife was entering labor, Monroe was there with her. However something went wrong, Miles and Neville ran to get water and blankets, but returned to late. Monroe emerged from the tent with his infants blood on his hands, both his wife and his child died in childbirth, he walked less than a few feet before collapsing to the ground in front of Miles, in tears. Sometime later Miles found him with several others apparently celebrating, he revealed he had done the raid and taken everything, as well as slaughtering the entire camp. Miles asked him who asked him to kill anyone, however Monroe replied with sadness in his eyes "No one asks for bad things to occur? They just do."

Ten years after the blackout in 2022, Miles and Monroe were celebrating Miles birthday and talking about there previous memorable birthdays, when a terrorist attack hit the cafe they were in. Miles was knocked out for a long while, and in response Monroe put the terrorist, and his family to death. To make an example of what happens "If they hurt my family". This act, among others made Miles realizing his friend had gone to far, Miles tried to assassinate Monroe, but at the last second was unable to pull the trigger. After this he ran, this event changed Monroe, turning him paranoid and colder.

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Miles and Monroe are knocked unconscious by an explosion.

In the present day in 2027 he is the ruthless dictator of the Monroe republic, and commander of the Monroe Militia, he sent Tom Neville with his men to kidnap Ben Matheson, having already imprisoned his wife for years, believing Miles knew how to turn the power on, thus giving him the ability to conquer the rest of America, and possibly the world.

Following his men accidentally killing Ben Matheson, he instead kept Danny Matheson (Ben's son), and used him as leverage to force Rachael Matheson to reveal the secrets of the pendants. Using this leverage he got steadily nasty as she tried to prevent him from gaining power again. Eventually he had enough, now having both his children hostage, he threatened to kill them both if Rachael didn't comply. He later sent Sergent Strausser to hunt down Charlie and Miles and bring him the pendant.


Miles and Monroe come face to face with each other for the first time in years.

However he once again met Miles, who had come to rescue his nephew. Confronting the two, both holding the other at gun point, but Monroe put the gun down. He told Miles he was still family, and he wanted him back. He forgave him for all he had done, he would let his family go, he would give Miles anything he wanted, as long as he came back. But Miles rebuffed him, telling him it was late, and he had fallen to far, he wished he had killed him all those years ago and he no longer meant anything to him. 

Overcome with rage and anger, the two turned on each other and went into a fight. Dueling they proved to be roughly equals. The fight was interrupted when a group of men led by Jeremy Baker forcing Miles to flee. Realizing it was over between them, Monroe told them to kill Miles. But he escaped, but in the event Monroe had finally won, he now had electricity. And with it he now had a armada of helicopters. It was also at this point that a wave of defections from the republic occured because of Monroe had gone with power it started with  Jason Neville a lutenient in the militia and Tom Neville's son defected from the Monroe Militia because  he thought the helicopter massacres against the Rebels as inhumane, Neville himself would later defect from the Militia himself after failing a mission Monroe gave him knowing that Monroe would kill him and his family if he found out that he failed the mission as a result he defected to the Georgia Federation.


Monroe makes an alliance with Randall Flynn.

Now with the power back, Monroe ordered a mass attack, a systematic slaughter of all the rebels in Pennsylvania, with plans to next invade Georgia, then the plains Nations, then California, then everyone, and make the Monroe Republic stretch over all of America. However his breaking with the last straws of his friendship with Miles had clearly affected him greatly, he was now left almost completely ruthless and willing to do anything. Following him losing power again, when the helicopter that was carrying the amplifier was shot down, he was approached by another man, Randall Flynn who drove to him to make an Alliance.

Randall restored power to Monroe and offered him all he wanted in exchange for giving him the resources he required. Monroe didn't trust Randall, but was in no position to denied this opportunity he accepted a partnership with Flynn. He also revealed he was losing faith in Tom which later Tom defected from the Monroe Militia.

Rev1x15 1653

Emma reveals that she and Monroe have a son together to him.

In an attempt to draw Miles out, Monroe traveled to his and Miles home town, hoping to trap Miles by threatening the citizens. There he met his old love Emma, who was previously Miles girlfriend, however the two had a fling while she was dating Miles just before they enlisted in the Marines. During the visit Monroe was forced to come to terms with how much he had changed, and what he had become. Monroe initially tried to pretend that they were there to protect them for a terrorist plot. But Emma knew him to well, she told him he was lying. Monroe was also touched to discover that someone still left flowers on his family's graves. But although it clearly pained him, it didn't stop him driving everyone into the library and set it alight to lure Miles out. Upon Miles arriving he managed to free everyone. However Monroe grabbed Emma, and tried to force him to come out. However as he held her at gun point, Emma revealed to Bass that he had a child. There previous affair had led to her falling pregnant, and her family had forced her not to tell him. Overcome with shock at this new detail, Monroe tried to find out more, but Emma was then shot by a Georgian soldier who was aiming for Monroe. Monroe however believed Miles was the one who shot her. His soldiers dragged him off, and he escaped in a chopper, however he was crushed with this discovery and the death of a person he truly loved.

Getting more ruthless, Monroe forced a scientist to weaponries Anthrax, however Miles liberated the scientist and his family. He also started drone sweeps which almost eradicated the Georgian army, turning the tide of the war back against his enemies. In light of there success Jeremy Baker invited him for a drink, he managed to convince Monroe to come out, however they were attacked by a gunman, while Barker survived despite having no cover. Leading Monroe to become suspicious of Barker, calling him in he revealed his suspicions and had his men surround him. Realizing where this was going, Jeremy called Monroe out on how his paranoia had driven Miles and Tom, and others loyal away from him and how Jeremy had always believed in the Militia. He told Monroe that he probably would conquer America, but he would be left alone with no friends and not able to trust anyone, a fate Barker wouldn't wish on his worst enemy. Monroe later learned that Barker was innocent and was overcome with remorse, forced to face that he had murdered his last friend, and question how his actions had affected his previous friendships and failures.

Following capturing Nora, he initially tried to be nice, as the two of them had known each other many years previously when she had worked as a bounty hunter for the republic. However Nora wouldn't play along and tried to kill him with a bottle of wine. Monroe almost casually overpowered her, and told her he wanted her to remember he tried to be nice. He then had her tortured for over twenty days till she cracked. Following learning about the tower. He brought Randall in and tired of him lying and manipulating him, almost had him executed however Randall managed to talk into letting him live, by promising him the great powers of the tower as his own. Monroe took an Army to the tower. However Randall couldn't get in due to the codes changing. That night Rachael Matheson tried to kill Monroe with a grenade, however Monroe's loyal soldiers saved him and her.

Using her they managed to get into the tower (despite her not having clearance) but where ambushed by the workers who were left in the tower, who had taken it upon themselves to guard the tower. His men were killed, however Monroe managed to break into a bunker, Rachael knew about. Rachael claimed to know nothing. However Monroe didn't believe her, he finally asked her whether she wanted to die and there only chance was to work together. Rachael asked him if her efforts the previous night hadn't proven she didn't. However Monroe called her out, remembering his attempt at suicide following the death of his family, he told her every time a person jumped off a bridge and survived it, the first thing they always said was "That was a mistake", which meant that all the people who succeed thought the same thing in there last minutes and no one no matter how bad really wanted to kill themselves. Rachael finally confessed he was right, she didn't want to die and she did know about this place and how to access the weapons, but refused to help as he had killed her son. Monroe tried to hide behind the fact he wasn't there, but Rachael called him out, pointing out that he always hid behind excuses. Monroe broke down admitting she was right, he did make excuses and revealing to her he was well aware of just how much blood was on his hands, he also told her he had a son, he spent a lot of time and effort trying to find him, but it had come to nothing, and he couldn't stop wondering what his son would think of him if he saw him for the man he was. He also told her he didn't want to kill any more of Rachael's children and promised to make sure Charlie lived (though he couldn't promise with Miles) if she helped them. Keeping his word Monroe saved Charlies life from another guard, he then left and saved Miles. Calling him out, he told him to come and settle this between them once and for all. Both emerged guns aimed, but both had trouble pulling the trigger.

Before either could resolve, another guard attacked they were all forced to run. Heading to the pipes they tired to escape, but the guard shot the pipe knocking them into the water. Both Bass and Miles were pushed by the water and washed up on the shore nearby. Monroe waited to Miles woke up, before the two fought. On equal terms the fight continued until they were interrupted by one of Monroe's soldiers. However Nevile had convinced his Soldiers to turn on him, he fired on Monroe and in the conflict Miles escaped. Monroe later caught him again, however Miles managed to knock him down, but sick of fighting tried to walk away. Outraged called him out on it being him who had tried to murder him and the fact that after all these years he had never told him why. Miles finally told him it was a lot of things, including murdering the terrorists family, Monroe angrily shot back he had done that for Miles, he then revealed he never cared about the militia or the republic or any of it, he only did it all for Miles, the only thing he cared about was making sure Miles was safe, he also revealed the night Miles tried to kill him, when he woke up and saw him standing there the first thought he had was, was Miles okay? There conversation was interrupted by a chopper, Monroe managed to avoid it but was recaptured by his troops. He was taken to Nevile, and called him out on how this had happened and to shoot him here and now. Nevile told Monroe he wouldn't, instead he would subject him to a fixed trial, telling him the difference between the two was while Monroe terrified, he inspired. Later that night Miles broke into the tent where they were holding Monroe and killed the guard. Walking up to Monroe he told him he had asked the wrong question, it was not why had he tried to kill him it was why hadn't he killed him. And with that he set him free admitting he had been wrong, they were brothers, and as much as he hated nothing would ever change that. He then offered Bass a head start before he told the guards Monroe was escaping. Monroe managed to outrun his troops and was last seen watching in amazement at the mass lightning caused by the power coming back on.

Six months later, Monroe was living in the plains nations, now under the alias Jimmy King, he had a job as a fighter, where he would get into fights for entertainment every night. Charlie later found Monroe, and watched him easily win a fight, before going off. Monroe justified this to a woman he was with claiming it was "still better than my last job." He was later seen mopping in his trailer, reading the reports of Phily being blown off the map and looking at his burned off Tattoo, filled with nothing but regret for what he had done. However Charlie bribed his manager to have him come see her. As he left, she almost shot him with her crossbow, her being hidden out of his sight. But before she could Monroe was ambushed and knocked out cold by two men who took him away.

It was revealed the two men where Bounty hunters, who had been hired by the United States Government to capture Monroe and take him in alive. They temporarily held him in emptied pool. While there Monroe tried to talk to Charlie (They had caught her when she snuck in to kill Monroe)  he asked her where her family was and admitted he felt guilty about all the people dying, feeling he had let them all down. Despite Charlie's warning the bounty hunters took Monroe in alive, they also let Charlie go free as they had no need for her and didn't like killing. However Monroe broke free and escaped. One of the hunters attacked him, but Monroe overpowered him and killed the man by snapping his neck. The other man enraged at seeing his friend die also attacked, but Monroe managed to get the upper hand. Charlie then attacked Monroe from behind with a log, unwilling to hurt her Monroe at first avoided her attacks, but when given no other choice he knocked her down. Before escaping stealing the bounty hunters carriage.

Monroe later knocked out the Bounty hunter and caught Charlie. However not wanting to hurt her, instead he showed her what he had found in the bounty hunters carriage, wanted posters not just for him but for Charlie's mother. He then interrogated the bounty hunter before knocking him out. He tried to join Charlie, but she wanted nothing to do with him, and ran off claiming he wouldn't find her.

Later Charlie was drugged and captured by a bunch of rapists, Monroe however who had been tracker, broke his way into the building, drew his swords and killed the men, saving Charlie. He took her away and nursed her back to health, when asked why, he claimed he was trying to make up for what he had done. Charlie however didn't believe him and called him a sociopath, who said whatever he needed and was just good at killing, she tried to kill him with a knife but Monroe overpowered her, and told her honestly her family needed his help, because the American government was to dangerous, as such Charlie didn't have choice. It ended with them both riding to meet up with her family, Charlie still not liking the arrangement.

Later Charlie arrived and brought Miles to Monroe. Miles was initially unwilling however Monroe convinced him to make a truce, he helped Miles and Charlie look for evidence of the Patriots true intentions, to give to John Fry, officer of the Texas Rangers, sent by the nation of Texas to investigate them. However the Patriots had already removed all the evidence. The three searched long after night fell, however they were caught in an ambush by eight Patriot soldiers. Formulating a plan, Miles and Monroe managed to kill all of the Patriots soldiers except one they kept for interrogation to give to Fry. Later where they were holding the solider, Rachael and Arron arrived, Rachael tried to kill Monroe, but Miles talked her out of it. Fry arrived but it turned out the soldier had committed suicide. With no evidence left, it looked bleak then Monroe killed Fry. Miles attacked him, but Monroe pointed out that if they framed the Patriots it would start the war Miles wanted, and it was there only choice.

Together the two seemingly managed to successful dupe the remaining Texas Rangers, however later on Monroe was captured by both the Patriots and the Texas Rangers. They planned to hold him trial as a war criminal. Initially Miles and Charlie planned at Jail break, but Rachael tipped the soldiers off, so they moved Monroe to the Bank. Monroe was found guilty and sentenced to die by lethal injection. For his last wish he called Miles, and asked the two to part of friendly terms, saying the used to be friends, and the Miles was the last one who didn't want to Monroe to go to hell. The two shook and reminanced better times together. As Miles was leaving however, Monroe came clean and admitted about his thing with Emma, and told Miles he had a son, who he wanted Miles to find and look after. However Miles sadly admitted he already knew, Emma had contacted him and Miles had purposely hidden him from Monroe, because Monroe was insane at the time. Monroe was overcome with anger and shock to find his friend had hidden his own son from him, especially after he knew how he last his other child. Nether the less he later calmed down, and was taken to be executed, passing through the crowds he told Charlie to be there for Miles. Arriving he was given the lethal injection, formula made by Rachael and administered by Dr Porter, Rachael's father and Danny's grandfather, who told him before that he took an honor in killing him. Monroe excepted his apparent death with dignity, his last words before the position was administered being to Rachael "I'm Sorry." He was pronounced dead, taken away and buried by the Texans. However later Rachael returned and started digging him up.

It turned out Rachael switched the mixtures and he was merely very badly drugged. Rachael dug him up and moved him out of Willowby. Waking up from the drugs he was happy to see Miles again, and inquired about his son, Miles told him to rest and worry about this when he was better. A few days later he was slowly recovering when he was contacted by Miles, about having to get Aaron to safety. Sure enough on the night, Monroe arrived and killed the two soldiers who apprehended the escaping Aaron and his wife despite still haven't recovered from the drugs, however more soldiers arrived forcing Monroe to retreat. After Aaron's mood caused the Nanobots to kill two of the soldiers when they tried to kill his wife, Monroe killed the rest and led the two of them to safety, while inquiring that Aaron teach him that trick.

Later they were still waiting for Miles at the boat, the agreement begin Miles would tell him where he could find his son, however as time went on Monroe began to suspect something had gone wrong with the plan. Realizing this he planned to leave, to find Miles, or find out if he was still alive. Aaron tried to convince him to stay pointing out the two of them wouldn't survive very long without him, Aaron seemed to succeed. However at that point a squadron of Patriots arrived looking for them. Monroe killed on soldier, and then four others. But realizing they were hopelessly outnumbered, he knew they wouldn't kill Aaron, but if they found him they would kill him. As such he ran abandoning the others.


Monroe and Charlie preparing to attack the Patriots.

Later on while tracking Aaron, Miles, Charlie and Rachael were captured by two Patriot soldiers. Monroe who had also been following emerged and killed the soldiers, then led them to safety of an old cellar. Miles tried to convince him to help them find Aaron, but Monroe wasn't interested and demanded Miles tell him the location of his son so he could find him. Miles then revealed that his wound had long since become infected, and he was really ill, but the situation was to big a crisis for him to tell the others. Although concerned about his friends health Monroe still refused to help and told Miles Aaron wasn't worth dying over. However Miles disagreed and forced him to, refusing to tell him anything until after they saved Aaron. Monroe went with them into the school searching for Aaron. Splitting up he went with Charlie, however when the soldiers arrived the two were forced to hide, seeing the exit Monroe ran leaving Charlie. But having a change of heart, he returned and managed to saved her. Running together they were chased by the rest, diving into cover, he and Charlie were forced to begin a gunfight between them and the soldiers. However it was interrupted when Aaron told the Nanintes to kill all the soldiers forcing them all to catch alight. Monroe was left staring in shock as the all the men burned to death.

Later on, Monroe and Charlie saved Gene, so he could help Miles. Upon Miles recovery, Monroe insisted that he tell him where his son was, Miles offered to take him to him. As such Monroe, Miles and Rachael set out, Miles knowing that if he didn't go, Monroe would likely not come back, but didn't trust himself alone with Monroe. Monroe was unhappy to learn that Miles had left his son, who was called Connor in Mexico, which Miles had chosen cause he had family over there and it was far away from Monroe's influence. Sneaking in, they tried to find him, although the area he had been left in had been turned into a ruin run by drug cartels. They couldn't find Connor, however while in a bar they were confronted by the head of the local cartel, Monroe got into a dispute with him, until Miles revealed that was him. Recognizing Miles, Connor asked who Monroe was, and wasn't happy to learn he was his father. The two had a quick dispute, Monroe shocked to discover his son was just a petty thug, who only controlled thirty men, Connor asked him what authority he was on power, Monroe replied by telling him who he was. Leaving, he voiced his displeasure at this and blamed Miles of being responsible, Rachael however told him it was because he was his son, he could only turn out like this. After they slept, Monroe snuck back to talk to Connor again, he voiced his sorrow that he never met him and told him he wasn't aiming high enough. And that he believed he should be controlling thousands, controlling the Republic. Connor shot back that the republic was gone, but Monroe offered that the two of them could take it back, and that they were blood. However Connor betrayed him, and his men captured Monroe, planning to turn him in.

Connor took Monroe to his boss, Mr Nunez a powerful crime lord who lived in a mansion. He admitted he was impressed to meet Monroe and to discover Connor was Monroe's son. He went on about how he took Connor in and raised him like his own, and now he was his right hand. He then asked Connor what they should do with Monroe, and Connor agreed they should sell him to the highest bidder. Later Connor went to give Monroe his dinner, but Monroe warned him that Nunez was dangerous, he had met hundreds of psycho's just like him and told him he would kill Connor the moment Connor screwed up. At that moment Miles knocked Connor out and freed Monroe, however realizing that Connor would get the blame and Nunez would kill him, Monroe couldn't bring himself to run. Instead he made it look like Connor caught him and told Miles to run, Miles unfortunately didn't escape. In the cell Miles criticized him for this, Monroe shot back he was his son and he had to do something for him, he had nothing else to give him but himself. Miles pointed out he had only known he for a short while, but Monroe asked him if he wouldn't have done the same for Charlie. Meanwhile Nunez was beginning to get suspicious of Connors loyalties. Connor himself was confused by his fathers act. Nunez decided to punish Monroe by having him whipped and had Connor do the act. Monroe however excepted it, despite the pain. Later Rachael broke into free them, Connor slipped her the key deciding to save his father as he had saved him. Rachael broke them out, but the three of them were caught by Nunez and his thugs, one of whom held Connor at knife point, another one of his henchmen had spotted Connor give Rachael the key. Monroe begged him not to hurt Connor and told him it wasn't necessary, pointing out he said he considered Connor to be his son. However Nunez replied it had broken his heart, but he couldn't risk being considered weak. Connor however rebuffed him, telling him that only weak men constantly worried about being seen as weak. Nunez ordered them to kill him, but Connor broke free. A fight broke out, during which Monroe was impressed to see his son fight. Beating them all, they ran for it Monroe taking Connor with him. Later that night, he went to talk to him, Connor initially angry having lost everything, however Monroe shrugged him off declaring he would do what ever he felt like as that's what he always did. Connor then asked him if Monroe really could rebuild his empire, Monroe admitted he would have to deal with the Patriots first, but said together they could do.

Returning home, he along with the others discovered that Charlie, Gene and Arron were missing. They managed to track them down to the Patriots camp, to deal with a supposed Typus outbreak. However it turned out the Typhus had been engineered by the Patriots to weed out all the people they deemed unwanted. Rachael sent a message to them, where the Patriots would probably be keeping the antidote. Connor was unwilling to go, remember when Plague struck his home, however Monroe talked him into it, telling him he didn't trust Rachael himself but they needed Miles help. Arriving however it turned out the antidote had been moved. So later they tried a new plan, Monroe helped Miles capture the district commander Ed Truman, and infected him with the disease so he would be forced to lead them to it. Connor went in and succeeded, then they went back cured the others and ran. At there base several days later Monroe convinced Miles they needed more men, and recommended hiring mercenaries from a warlord he knew. He went with Connor and Charlie back to New Vegas. Arriving he met up with his old fight manager who was angry at him leaving, but not that interested he went to talk to Duncan. Anticipating she was in debt due to her lack of card skills he offered to by ten to fifteen of her men. However the price was to high for him to afford. He later caught Charlie and Connor having finished having sex. He called Connor out, but Connor rebuffed him on the fact he only been his father for a short while and they needed to be partners or not work together. Monroe formulated a plan to steal the diamonds they needed to buy Duncan;s men. He went back to his manager offering a big fight that night to draw attention, him against his best man. While Connor and Charlie stole the diamonds from the casino before they were placed in the safe. Arriving at the fighting bit, he found the best man to be a furious giant. Taking multiple blows to the keep the fight going, Monroe finally noticed the manager running off, realizing he had bought them all the time he could, he quickly smashed his opponent into the dirt. He then later met up with Connor who had successfully caught the diamonds. But just as they were walking off, he was knocked out by another one of his men and they were both caught.

Trapped, Monroe realized that Gought would have them fight to the death, after an attempt to escape failed he realized the only way to save Connor, was to teach him to beat him in a fight to the death. Starting training, Connor didn't do so well, as such Monroe revealed his one weakness, he had a blind spot in his left eye due to a grenade blast years earlier. Connor however was unwilling to fight, to inspire him Monroe revealed how his mother died. This time he actually beat him. Later when eating, Monroe went onto explain the rest of the details to Connor, he admitted he loved her. He also went on to admit that he had done a lot of horrible things, he had clawed his way to the top, only to find it was worthless cause he was alone. He revealed that's why Connor had to live, he had to go and rebuilt it, he had to make it so everything Monroe had done wasn't for nothing. He also advised him, when he did all this to find somebody, have children and never be alone. On the actual night the fight, they were tossed the swords. The fight beginning Monroe held the upper hand, then knives were tossed in. Taking advantage of his weakness, Connor managed to hold Monroe at knife point, Connor promised Monroe he would make it worth it. But he hesitated. then Duncan's men attacked, and Charlie freed them all. Back at Duncan's camp, he exchanged banter with Duncan, over the fact it took Charlie saving her life for her to save him. Duncan gave them five of her men to pay the debt, Monroe was originally happy, till he learned they were ordered not to follow him, but to follow Charlie.

Later they all arrived back in Willobey, on the way Monroe managed to call Charlie out for despite her claimed hatred of him, the fact she was sleeping with his son. Arriving, Miles told him about Nevile working for the Patriots and then he went with Miles to spy on the Patriots recruitment camp, on the way back they realized they were being followed, breaking of slightly, Monroe causally caught the spy's, only for them to turn out to be children from the boot camp. Taking them back to base, Monroe was annoyed at not being able to interrogate them, and was all for killing them as he knew they would give away there position. He tried to stop Gene and Rachael taking them home, however Miles convinced him to let him handle it. After this failed however, and they accidentally activated the brainwashing the patriots had put into one of the children, Monroe was still all for killing the last one, Miles hesitated however and Rachael tried to talk him out of it. They were distracted however when soldiers led by Ed Truman and Tom Nevile attacked there position, Monroe joined the fight back, but was caught at gun point by Tom he told him he would bring him back, dead or alive. However Monroe managed to knock the gun out of his hand, a fight broke out between the two, where Monroe told Tom if it was between his life and Nevile's wife he would chose him. Though the fight was close at times, Monroe managed to overpower Nevile, he then saved Connor from Jason and partially carrying his son, joined the others in the retreat. At the new safe house, he called Miles out for letting the kid escape in the confusion, but suspicious of him, Miles called him out on his changing goals in the fight, and deduced he wanted his empire back for him and his son, at first denying it, Monroe admitted at least he had a goal, before turning the subject back on Miles asking why he was fighting, as he knew if he won settling down wasn't him and he knew it.


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