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The Second Acheron Queen is the main antagonist in the 2013 videogame Aliens: Colonial Marines.



At some point following the death of the First Acheron Queen, a second Queen emerged on the moon and took control of the remaining Xenomorphs there. Given the fact that the facility was utterly incinerated following the events of Aliens, it is not known exactly how the Queen came into being.

Captured and Escape

After Weyland-Yutani located the derelict ship on LV-426 and constructed the Origin Facility around the vessel's remains, Corporal Dwayne Hicks and Rick Levy entered the tunnels near the ship, discovering the Queen inside. As they opened fire, the Queen called upon Warriors to cover her escape, but she ended up being captured by Weyland-Yutani, who housed her in a large chamber within the research complex. Later, the facility was infiltrated by Corporal Winter and Private O'Neal from the USS Sephora, and during their assault the Marines deactivated numerous security systems across the base, allowing the Queen to break free of her restraints. Despite attempts by Weyland-Yutani scientists to subdue the Queen with gas and neurotoxins, she was able to escape the chamber in which she was being held, slaughtering several personnel in the process.

Rampaging through the base, the Queen later encountered Winter and O'Neal again when the Marines responded to a downed USCM dropship. Unable to fight the Queen with the weapons available to them, the Marines were forced to run and hide until a second dropship, piloted by Lieutenant Reid, arrived to provide air support; although Reid failed to kill the Queen, the weapons fire drove her off.


The Queen later managed to board the Resolute, a Weyland-Yutani FTL-capable starship stationed on the planet, before it departed, once again encountering the Sephora Marines when they crashed into the vessel's cargo hold in their dropship. After stalking Winter through the hold, the Queen was ejected through the open cargo doors on a delivery catapult, although she managed to cling to the outside of the vessel and even began climbing back aboard. In a sacrificial move, Captain Cruz, wounded and trapped inside the wreckage of the crashed dropship, activated the craft's engines, slamming into the Queen and sending both tumbling out of the spaceship as it prepared to breach LV-426's atmosphere.


Because of both her demise and other failed attempt by Weyland-Yutani to acquiring the chestburster queen from Ripley's body, the only way to acquiring a Xenomorph Queen is by cloning Ripley herself, in which the attempts ultimately success after 7 failures. The said attempts were done on USS Auriga, and the Chestburster Queen prematurely extracted from Ripley 8's body. The cloned Queen however, caused another Xenomorph infestation that set the ship to set course to the Earth.


See: Xenomorph Queen.


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