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You ended my friends. Now I will end you.
~ The Second Coming threatening the Animator through a message.
When do we start?
~ The Second Coming's redemption.

TheSecondComing.exe, also known as Orange and TSC for short, is the deuteragonist of the Animator vs. Animation series and main protagonist of its spin-off series Animation vs. Minecraft, while also serving as the mascot of both of them.

It is the main protagonist of Animator vs. Animation IV, Animation vs. YouTube, Animation vs. League of Legends, Animation vs. Pokemon and the deuteragonist of Animator vs. Animation V.

In the Animation vs. Minecraft series, it's the main protagonist of both the original and the AvM Shorts, serving as the main protagonist of Season 1 and 2, and the deuteragonist of Season 3.


The Second Coming is a simple orange stick figure with an empty head.


The Second Coming was at first a shy and cowardly creature, seeing as it was terrified of the Animator and didn't want to get caught by him. However, it also proved to be creative and childish, playfully jumping around. But, it also is a big fan of fighting, seeing as it wanted to join the Fighting Stick Figures and fight with them. It quickly became protective of them, being basically depressed after the Animator deleted them simple minutes after becoming friends. Then, it became extremely vengeful, in hopes to ruin the Animator's life and get rid of him from the computer, and even trying to call 911 through the phone. However, it quickly forgave him after he showed the Second Coming's friends are okay.

After hanging around with the Fighting Stick Figures and discovering Minecraft, it quickly stopped being cowardly and became a strong fighter, being able to murder Hostile Mobs with no regret. It was shown to using Minecraft mostly to help itself, such as creating a house.

The Second Coming always tried to be polite and friendly to other creatures, with YouTube, ViraBot, the Cave Spider King, the Pig and most types of Hostile Mobs being exceptions.

The Second Coming deeply cared about the Fighting Stick Figures and didn't want them to get hurt, showing as it insantly forgave Red after the latter was possesed by Herobrine, came to save them after they went to explore the Nether and the portals inside it, and was broken after accidentally killing Green, although it just respawned on He even tried to make Purple happy after it tried to murder the Second Coming and its friends, most likely due to being almost the same as the Fighting Stick Figures, only purple. It's also shown in "The Rediscovery" that it can't lie for long to its friends.


catch me if u can... u monster
~ The Second Coming sending the Animator a message.
~ The Second Coming's first words.
~ The Second Coming begging the Animator to spare it.
You need to die.
~ The Second Coming after the Animator told it to calm down.
~ The Second Coming after the Animator told it it's a good animator.
~ The Second Coming refusing the Animator's offer.
You ended my friends.
~ The Second Coming explaining why it doesn't want to work with the Animator.
Next frame, please.
~ The Second Coming animating with the Animator.
Let's watch it!
~ The Second Coming after it stopped animating the horse with wings.
Hey! Need help? (The Animator: Yeah, can you help me make it look more natural?) Show me. (The Animator plays the video) Can do. (The Second Coming draws two stick figures and they make the video look more natural) Try now.
~ The Second Coming and the Animator talking and helping eachother.
Draw me a hammer.
~ The Second Coming to the Animator after the latter can't delete ViraBot.





  • The Second Coming was the first stick figure in the franchise that redeemed itself.

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