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Second Lieutenant Katell, also known as Lieutenant Yamuri, is the main protagonist villain of the Twilight Zone episode "A Quality Of Mercy". He is an American soldier who corners a group of Japanese soldiers and is intent on wiping them out. He was portrayed by Dean Stockwell.


On 6 August 1945, Second Lieutenant Katell arrives on an unspecified Pacific island to take command of a platoon of American soldiers. After the company corner a group of sick and wounded Japanese soldiers, Katell orders them to attack. Sergeant Causurano attempts to talk him out of it by telling him that the soldiers are not a threat and that an attack would only accomplish pointless loss of life, but Katell refuses to listen, and begins to berate the platoon for their failure to attack. Just then, he drops his binoculars, and when he goes to retrieve them, he suddenly finds himself fighting in the Imperial Japanese Army in Corregidor in 1942 as a Japanese soldier named Lieutenant Yamuri. His superior officer tells him to attack a group of sick and wounded American soldiers. Katell protests that they are not a threat, but his superior refuses to listen and demotes him. Katell then finds himself back where he was, where he is informed that the atomic bomb has been dropped on Japan and they have been ordered to fall back and await further instructions. As they leave, Causurano comments to Katell that "I wouldn't fret. I'm sure there'll be other wars, other countries, other human beings you can knock off." As they withdraw, Katell responds that "I hope not. God, I hope not".


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