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It's the ultimate weapon! Just imagine the most powerful opponent turned into nothing more than a simple underling!
~ The Secret Police Chief, about the ZAIN Project

The Secret Police Chief is a minor villain featured in the Strider Hiryu manga. In the NES video game adaptation of the story he's instead called the Vice-Commander. As his title indicates, he's the chief of the corrupt Secret Police in the Kazakh Federation.


The Secret Police Chief is a short man with a chubby build. He's fully bald and sports a bushy moustache.

He's only seen wearing a full-body uniform with Kazakh's half-star marked on his shoulders. He has no unique sprite in the NES video game, sharing his look with the Secret Police Commander.


The Chief of the Secret Police in Kazakh is a corrupt and unscrupulous individual who has allied with Enterprise to assist in the development of the mind-controlling ZAIN Project, desiring its power to turn even the strongest enemy into "controllable puppets".

He is first seen in chapter 2, sleeping in his chambers before Hiryu and Sheena sneak in and forcefully wake him up to get the location of the captured Kain. Once they retrieve Kain from his cell, they force him to assist in their way out of the police building by disguising as enemy soldiers and having him drive them and the unconscious Kain out of the precinct in his personal car. Taken captive to a lodge used as a safehouse by the rebel army, the Chief is then tied up to a chair. As he starts complaining, Sheena forces him to shut up by pointing a gun at him, making the chief pee himself. He'd eventually fall asleep.

Moments later he's awakened once again by the confrontation between Hiryu and the brainwashed Kain, which resulted in Sheena's death. Once Hiryu subdues Kain, he furiously interrogates the Chief for answers, and learns about the ZAIN Project and how Kain became a test subject for it. When Cain wakes up, the Chief reveals to the confused Strider that he was the one who killed Sheena, leading Hiryu to punch him in the face. Hiryu later calms the suicidal Cain down and stops him from killing the Chief, pointing out that he's just a small fry compared to the people involved in what happened to him and Hiryu's sister Mariya in the past. The two resolve to eliminate everyone involved in the project afterwards.

He was last seen at the beginning of chapter 3 where the Kazakh Institute Director and Commander Keith find him bound and gagged at the entrance of the institute alongside a flag with a note about the two Striders announcing their arrival.

NES Game

His counterpart from the NES Strider, the Vice-Commander, appears in the first stage. Hiryu confronts him on the 2nd floor of the Secret Police HQ, where he screams for Hiryu to let him go and tells him the Commander has the key to Cain's cell. He gives Hiryu a disc recording of the Commander announcing his journey to Egypt in the Phantom Train and giving the Vice-Commander the order not to lose the prisoner.


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