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Vice commander? It's me. I'll go to Egypt via Phantom Train. Don't lose the prisoner.
~ Commander's recording in File #2

The Secret Police Commander is a minor villain featured in the Strider Hiryu manga and its NES video game adaptation. He's an officer of the Kazakh Federation and top leading figure in its Secret Police.


The Secret Police Commander is a tall and lean pale-skinned man with short, black hair and a small mustache.

He's seen wearing a light-colored military uniform made up of a long-sleeved coat, black boots and a military cap. The chest part of the coat and the cap both feature the half-star logo of the Kazakh Federation. His uniform is the same one used by General Mikiel and the ruling officers in the Arcade Strider.


The Commander is a high-ranking officer in the Kazakh government, a brutal and heartless individual willing to execute the rebels he's hunting down only to save up court fees, and not above manipulating, hitting and even abandoning a child once she's no longer useful to him.

He appears in Chapter 1, leading a police unit during the raid of a rebel army hideout, where his men end up killing 18 rebels and capturing one. As Cain was thwarting their men's efforts, he uses a little flower girl to assist them in capturing him under the false promise of releasing her father from prison. The girl agrees and feigns being injuring only to shoot Cain with a tranquilizer dart when he came close to check on her well-being. The Commander congratulates her for the capture and, once it is confirmed Cain is a Strider, he orders his me to carry him to headquarters. When the girl asks about what she was promised, the Commander snidely remarks that what she did was her duty as a citizen, then slaps her away when she insists.

While it's not revealed how he knew the location of the rebel army's secret meeting, it is implied he was tipped off by Matic on their location as part of Matic's schemes.

In the NES adaptation, the Commander is first shown talking to the Vice Commander in a recording about him heading to Egypt on the Phantom Train and reminding him not to lose the captive Cain. As he's the one holding the key to Cain's cell, Hiryu tracks him down into the Pyramid Base and eventually corners him. The Commander complains that the Striders are always "disturbing them", but soon changes his tune and hands over Cain's cell key while begging to be spared.


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