The Secretaries (in Japanese: セクレタリエス, Sekuretariesu) are enemies in Devil May Cry 2. These gorgeous, masked women armed with thick zambak blades are elite private bodyguards for Arius, the CEO of Uroboros Corporation, but their true identity is that they are in fact his "Mannequins" (in Japanese: マネクインス, Manekuinsu), artificial devils created in secret experiments based on his knowledge on both magic and science.


Each Secretary is a beautiful young woman wearing a plum leather outfit with leather gloves and high-heeled boots, and wears a bird-like feathered mask at all times to conceal their faces.

They also have their own Devil Trigger form. These demonic forms look much the same as Lucia's own Devil Trigger, but have dark feathers, making them appear as the raven to Lucia's angelic dove.


Long before Dante is called to Dumary Island, "X" ("Chi") was one of the Secretaries, but due to a defect, Arius ordered for her to be disposed of. However, Matier found the demon and raised her as her own daughter, naming her "Lucia". Like her foster mother, Lucia became a member of the Vie de Marli Clan who protects the island.

Years later, when Lucia confronts Arius at the oil rig's helicopter pad, he reveals her true nature as a defective Secretary, and has one of his attendant Secretaries remove her mask to reveal a face that matches Lucia's. In disbelief, she attacks, but her daggers are deflected by Arius' sorcery back at her, ripping her clothes and revealing the "Χ" marked on her shoulder before he transports to a demonic nest presided over by a giant creature.

Later after telling Dante to hand over a final Arcana to Matier, Lucia went back to Uroboros City to face Arius by herself.

In order to prevent Arius from summoning Argosax, Dante ascends the Uroboros Corporation's Skyscraper Sanctum. When he reaches the top, he reveals that he switched the Arcana Medaglia with his own two-sided coin, which causes the ritual to fail. Furious, Arius and his Secretaries attack Dante, but they are defeated and their master died in the end.



  • After clearing the Lucia Must Die mode, Lucia obtains the Secretary costume as shown in one of cutscenes of Lucia's story in Devil May Cry 2.
  • The Secretarybird is a long-legged, raptor-like bird of prey native to Africa. While the exact history behind the bird's name is unclear, the demon's name can be interpreted as a homograph; referring either to the bird, with which it shares several aesthetic similarities, or to its role as an office assistant.
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