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Do you know how this feels like? Once this transmitter is implanted on every human being, this ZAIN here will be capable of monitoring every single thought and action on Earth. It will controll all of humanity!!
~ Secretary Yuri discussing the ZAIN Project.

Secretary Yuri is a antagonist in the Strider Hiryu manga, appearing during chapter 3 and 5.


Yuri is a private secretary working for Enterprise. Following Hiryu and Sheena's attack on the Secret Police and Cain's retrieval, president Faceas Clay personally sends him to visit Vice-Director Matic at the Striders HQ to confirm what's happening. During their meeting Matic assures him that he's not involved in the two Striders' actions and that animosity between them doesn't benefit either party, seemingly winning Yuri's trust.

During the final chapter, Yuri is escorting Matic around the Enterprise HQ while discussing the ZAIN Project and the upgrades the Mother ZAIN Terminal is going through to reach completion. During this time Hiryu and Cain appear disguised as repairmen and while they try to hide their identities, Matic eventually discovers them. Cain blows up planted explosives as a distraction and the two Striders disappear into the building. Although Matic warns Yuri about taking on Hiryu alone Yuri disregards him. Wishing to show Matic that Enterprise is not weak, he leads a group of soldiers to hunt down Hiryu.

Hiryu is eventually cornered in a room with a trap door, and Yuri gloats that he's trapped and will be unable to survive once his men open fire on him. Hiryu dares him to attack, and Yuri yells at his men to do so. Hiryu, however, perfectly avoids the hail of bullets and murders all soldiers in front of him, much to Yuri's abject horror. Hiryu then approaches him for the kill, but Yuri begs for his life and reveals Faceas Clay can be found on the skyscraper's top floor. Hiryu turns to leave him alone, but Yuri takes this opportunity to take out a gun. Sensing this action, Hiryu performs a slash without turning around which cleaves Yuri straight across his face, killing him.


Yuri is a young Russian man with long, clear hair (likely blonde). He is seen wearing a two-part business suit.


Yuri is a corrupt power-hungry executive who cares not for the sacrifice of innocents if it helps further his goals. He supports Faceas Clay's plans to control and rule over all of humanity, claiming to be especifically excited about having the power to monitor and control every single human being on Earth. He is also very elitist and considers those who oppose him or Clay inferior and unworthy of anything but a quick death.

Yuri is very prideful of Enterprise and its amassed power, to the point he feels insulted when Matic warns him about not dealing with Hiryu directly, thinking of Enterprise as being weak. Yuri tells Matic to not underestimate his company and decides to prove it by killing Hiryu using the company's most advanced weapon, the "Shadow Tag Bullets" machine gun. Yuri is not a fighter, and as such is not above using underhanded tactics such as taking out a concealed gun and trying to shoot Hiryu from behind.

In the end, Yuri's hubris and overconfidence in Enterprise spelled his ultimate death.


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