The Sectra Clan are the main antagonists of Kirby: Triple Deluxe. They are an organization comprised of a race of parasitic insectoids originating from the kingdom of Floralia. Under the leadership of Queen Sectonia they seek to conquer Dreamland so they can leech the energy of its inhabitants.


To prevent their invasion of Popstar from being thwarted, Sectonia sent her servant Taranza to capture the hero of Dreamland so he would not interfere. However, Taranza mistook King Dedede for the hero and kidnapped him instead, leaving the real hero free to oppose them.

After Kirby made his way to Sectonia's Castle and defeated the Taranza-controlled Masked Dedede, Sectonia herself appeared to take on Kirby and punish Taranza for his failure. Kirby managed to defeat Sectonia, but the evil insect fused with the Dreamstalk to continue the fight. After a long battle, Kirby was able to defeat Sectonia and free both Dreamland and Floralia from her grip.



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