The Seeker Drones are supporting antagonists of the 2009 computer-animated film 9. They are robotic drones designed by the Fabrication Machine to spy and hunt down any lifeforms following the extinction of humanity.


Each Seeker Drone has a big balloon shaped like a croissant on its back that is supported by a small flame, giving it the ability to fly like a balloon. It has two big red eyes and two arms, which could either adjust the bellows to pump back the fire in its balloon or sound an alarm, which sounds like a fire siren. They were also used as guards of the factory to warn of any intruders. They had a set of floodlights located on the bottom of them. They also collect garbage and waste around the city so that the Fabrication Machine can build more manufacturing machines with that garbage.


A Seeker Drone first appeared watching several stitchpunks heading to the library after they defeat the Winged Beast that destroyed the cathedral. It continues to spy on them before bringing back the Winged Beast's dismembered head to the factory of machines where the Fabrication Machine is creating more Spiderbots.

Later one, a group of Seeker Drones proceed to scout outside the factory perimeter, where they use their searchlights near the oil pumps where the stitchpunks are hiding at. When 1 attempts to light the barrel on fire, the stitchpunks are exposed to a Seeker Drone's searchlight. 5 gets scared and fires his harpoon at the Seeker, catching it by the back. As 5, 6, 3 and 4 try to pull it down to prevent it from escaping back to the factory, it emits the alarm while lifting the four stitchpunks into the air. 1 manages to pull the rope onto a ripped piece of metal on the barrel, making the rope snap straight and effectively trapping the Seeker. But the tussled Seeker Drone continues to sound its alarm, alerting the Fabrication Machine of the stitchpunks' location.

As 9 and 7 escape the factory to get away from the Spiderbots unleashed by the Fabrication Machine, the other five stitchpunks pushed the explosive barrel down the tunnel and to the factory, with the Seeker still tied to it. As the factory blows up sky high, all of the Seeker Drones and Spiderbots are destroyed in the process. Though, this does not stop the Fabrication Machine from pursuing the stitchpunks.


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