Seers are small Grimm resembling jellyfish that possess the ability to communicate with other Grimm. The only Seers that have appeared so far are in service to Salem.


Seers are spherical creatures with translucent black skin and have single glowing yellow orbs within that serve as an eye. There is an opening at the bottom of the round body that have six red tentacles coming from it. The sphere is covered in white bone plates, and the opening is covered in bone spikes resembling teeth. They hover over the ground, trailing their bladed tentacles behind them.


Volume 4

A Seer appears in "Of Runaways and Stowaways" to inform Salem of Beacon's current status. Salem tells it to reinforce the number of Grimm at the academy.

Volume 5

A pair of Seers appear in "Dread in the Air", serving as a means of two-way communication between Salem, Cinder Fall, Arthur Watts, and Leonardo Lionheart. When Lionheart begins to speak out, Salem manipulates the Seer at his end to wrap its tentacle around his throat and hold one of its blades there. He is released, and the Seers end the transmission.

In "Haven's Fate", Salem uses a Seer to approach Lionheart as he is attempting to flee the battle. He tries to justify himself and promises to meet up with her, but Salem runs out of patience and commands the Seer to attack him, entangling him in its tentacles and dragging him away, then proceeding to violently murder him.

Powers & Abilities

Seers hover over the ground and are able to communicate and oversee Grimm activity. They can also be used as messengers, transferring video and sound like cameras to other Seers, causing them to be used for communication. They also have spear-like blades on the ends of their tentacles, which can be used for combat.



  • A "seer" can be defined as someone with supernatural insight. This is likely the basis for the Seer Grimm's name.
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