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Less Technology! More nature!
~ Segundo Mehija

Segundo Mehija is the mayor-antagonist-turned-minor-protagonist in Yo Soy Franky, serving as the secondary antagonist in Season Two, and one of the minor protagonists in Season Three. He created the anti-robot league, and gave Lorenzo Bravo the leadership. He was the principal of Franky’s school. He had a change of heart once he found out the truth about Roby.


Season Two

He appears to be a principal of Franky’s School, then he appears to be the leader of anti-robot league. He wants Franky and Chris to join in, they agree, for Franky’s safety. After some time, He gave Lorenzo the leadership, but he still was a member. Once he found out about Andromax, he quickly goes hunting with his anti-robot spray, he of course gets him, but then Andromax reveals his identity, Segundo is brave enough to shoot him, but he’s saved by Franky and Chris, then Segundo understood that he’s wrong about Roby, and he leaves the league. From that time Segundo is a loving uncle to Roby.

Season Three

Segundo appears as one of the minor protagonists in Season Three. He decides to go on a trip all over the world to help nature. He only appears in one episode.


All robots must terminated. We ain’t going to leave it like this, so they can take our jobs, our families, so they can replace us! I’m going to protect nature, wherever it takes, and that’s why nothing will stand in our way! We’re the Anti-Robot league!
~ Segundo's first speech in anti-robot league.
~ Segundo as he attacks Andromax.



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