Seiji Matoba (的場静司, Matoba Seiji) is the main antagonist of anime, manga series Natsume's Book of Friends. He is rival of Shuuichi Natori and Takashi Natsume's enemy. He is the head of the Matoba clan.

He is voiced by Junichi Suwabe.


He have black hair and dark brown eye. There is a scar on his right eye, covered by an eyepatch with a spell on it.


He is cold-hearted man. Seiji is an exorcist who doesn't mind sacrificing innocent youkai to reach his goals. Although he wants stronger youkai to protect humans, he will not hesitate in hurting anyone who gets in his way.

After his first encounter with Takashi Natsume he takes great interest in him, and even later on asks him to join the Matoba clan.


Due to a past member of the Matoba clan offering his eye to a youkai for assistance but ended up breaking his promise. This causes later heads of the clan to have their eye targeted by that youkai, and the distrust from other clans.

Powers and Abilities

He is mostly seen armed with a bow and arrow, which he uses to eliminate youkai.



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