Seiryu Inves
The Seiryu Inves is a Berserker Inves themed after an Eastern dragon. It possesses strong armor that prevents damage from lighter weaponry. Heavier weapons like the Pine Iron and Mango Punisher however, are able to break the armor. For offense, it breathes a stream of blue flames from its mouth.

The Seiryu Inves appeared when Kaito Kumon and Mai Takatsukasa found a portal back home. Kaito as Baron tried to fight it off, but its armor was too thick to break through with his Banaspear. Even help from Armored Riders Gaim and Ryugen didn't leave a scratch on it. Back in their world, Gaim changed to Pine Arms with the Pine Iron able to break through the armor. Baron then used his neglected Mango Lockseed to change into his Mango Arms where his Mango Punisher was able to break the Inves' armor. Even as the Seiryu Inves tried to fight back, it was destroyed by a combo attack between Gaim and Baron.

A second one appears in a warehouse attacking the employees. Kouta then came to fight it but was interrupted by Bravo allowing the Seiryu Inves to escape. It was then intercepted by Zangetsu-Shin in the warehouse where they fought. Kouta and Kaito arrived when Zangetsu-Shin overpowers it. It then ate a immature Lockseeds and evolved, preceding to attack all three but was eventually destroyed by Zangetsu-Shin.

A third one was summoned by Hideyasu Jonouchi using a Class A Lockseed during Gaim and Knuckle's battle against Bravo and his Inves army that interrupted the All Team Dance Event. The Inves overwhelmed the Riders at first but the timely arrival of Baron and Gaim's transformation into Jimber Lemon Arms enabled Gaim to take on Bravo outside as Baron and Knuckle double-teamed the Seiryu Inves, weakening it with a Kurumi Sparkling-Banana Au Lait combo before finishing it off with a combination of Baron's Victory Spear and Knuckle's Kurumi Au Lait.


KRGa-Evolved Seiryu Inves

Evolved Seiryu Inves

  • Episodes: 8, 13, 18
  • Destroyed by:
    1. Kamen Rider Gaim Pine Arms' Iron Breaker & Kamen Rider Baron Mango Arms' Punish Mash.
    2. Kamen Rider Zangetsu-Shin Melon Energy Arms' Melon Energy Sonic Arrow Shot.
    3. Kamen Rider Baron Banana Arms' Victory Spear & Kamen Rider Knuckle Kurumi Arms' Kurumi Au Lait.
  • Animal Basis: Azure Dragon
  • Height: 220 cm
  • Weight: 165 kg
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