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Sekhmet is the name of the bloodthirsty cat-like skeleton parasite bonded to singer Eliza and a minor antagonist in Skullgirls.

Sekhmet is voiced by Wendee Lee, who also played Black Dahlia.


Eliza has been the host to the skeletal Parasite Sekhmet for ages. Sekhmet is entirely internal and cannot be seen. However, that doesn't mean it still doesn't need to be fed. For years Eliza has always held charity blood drives, but what nobody knows is that the blood is to feed Sekhmet and preserve her beauty. Once the Medicis found out about all this, though, they blackmailed her into using her unusual, and bloody talents to retrieve the Skull Heart for them.

Powers and Abilities

Her general lack of speed is balanced out by a second form of attack that allows Sekhmet to act alone, and make use of several perks that drain Eliza's meter over time. Sekhmet moves much faster in addition to having the ability to lunge, and posses an armor that prevents flinching while under attack for a certain number of hits. She will retreat when grabbed by the opponent or if Eliza's meter is empty, but can also be called back manually. Sehkmet is also unable to perform a Blockbuster alone if Eliza hasn't used her taunt move first.

Fighting Style

  • Sekhmet has unlimited armor, even against sweep attacks. The opponent can break the armor and send Sekhmet back to Eliza only by landing a throw, snapback, or burst. Hitting Sekhmet with a snapback always gives a wallbounce for a punish rather than forcing her off screen, but causes 75% scaling.
    Sekhmet infinite.png
  • Keeping Sekhmet out drains meter at a rate of one level of meter per 590f, she receives no meter for getting hit, and all of her attacks consume meter on start up instead of generating it for the team.
  • The LP, MP, and HP attacks from Sekhmet's Turn summons Sekhmet as she attacks with the corresponding button. She can use these, along with her 1 crouching and 3 jumping normals, in relatively easy chain combos but has no specials, throws, supers, or other moves of any kind.
  • Running out of meter forces Sekhmet back to Eliza with the same animation as Hathor's Return (214 P), which manually returns her.
  • Sekhmet's armor reduces damage by 25%, unlike the normal armor which reduces damage by 50%.



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