Sela was a conniving vixen and a villain in the first book of the Redwall series, as well as the first season of the TV series.


She was the mother of Chickenhound and resided in Mossflower Woods as a healer. Together she and her son lived with an unnamed band of foxes. Sela had golden eyes, and was a crafty double-dealer of information. When she was ordered to heal Cluny the Scourge, she and her son were able to steal his combat plans. However, Cluny intended for this to happen. The plans said that Cluny was going to use only a battering ram when in reality, he intended to use the ram and tunnel to get into Redwall Abbey.

When Cluny discovered that Sela was giving information to the Redwallers, he had the two foxes speared by his soldiers. Their bodies were thrown into a ditch. Sela died from her wounds, yet Chickenhound survived with his medical knowledge.

Though Chickenhound held no sorrow over his mother's death and even mocked her for her foolishness, he was able to shed some crocodile tears when he whipped up a story to the Redwallers to take advantage of their sympathy.

In the Redwall TV Series, Sela escapes Cluny's attempt and goes to the Redwaller's with her son for aid, whilst secretly planning to steal the abbot's valuables and run. She thus joins her son in robbing the abbey, though she is horrified when Chickenhound murders Methuselah.

Shortly afterwards Sela is abandoned by her son and caught by Constance who threw her outside the gate of Redwall where Cluny awaited. She was then slain by Cluny's horde soon after, while Chickenhound escaped through the hole Cluny's army dug through.


Sela is a talented healer who uses her knowledge of medical herbs and anatomy to heal others. Though she claims to have magical powers, it is speculated in story that this is just a ruse. Sela was very cunning and frequently took advantage of others, even when they showed her kindness.

Sela shows obvious love for her son and teaching him the skills he needed to survive, always ensuring his safety even when he was a liability. Despite her ruthless thievery and espionage, she appeared to have some moral limits; when Chickenhound murders the elderly priest, Methuselah, Sela shows a guilty look and tells Chickenhound that he didn't need to kill him.


  • Methuselah tells Chickenhound he's worse then his already wicked mother ever was in the TV series.


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