Note: Not to be confused with a character from Fire Emblem Fates, see Severa (on Heroes wiki)

Selena (translated as Celina in the Japanese version) is a boss and one of the six Grado generals in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

As a child, Selena was raised in a poor, impoverished city. The citizens of the town were so poor as to be unable to support themselves. When winter approached, many considered horrible options in order to feed themselves. However, Emperor Vigarde personally sent provisions to the town, and saved the population of the city even though they were unable to pay their taxes. This act of kindness so touched Selena that she went to the Imperial Capital to join the army, which lead to her eventually becoming a knight.

During the game, Selena is first seen in Chapter 2. Here, the General is witness to a bandit attack on a town. Princess Eirika of Renais comes to the rescue of the town, and Selena, thinking the Princess is a mercenary, hires Eirika to help the citizens.

Later, Selena is assigned to destroy Frelia's Sacred Stone along with General Caellach. After the Stone is destroyed, Caellach kills a helpless Frelian soldier, which causes Selena to reprimand him. After her return to the Capital, Selena witnesses General Duessel arguing with Emperor Vigarde over the morality of the war between Grado and Renais. After Duessel leaves to capture Prince Ephraim, Selena is told to bring her own detachment and kill Duessel for being a traitor to the country. Selena is appalled at first and she herself questions the Emperor's judgment, but leaves to complete her mission.

When Selena next meets with Duessel, she condemns him as a traitor, and moves to kill him. Before she can start, however, General Valter appears, and tells Selena that the Emperor is suspicious of her actions as well, and he has been told to replace her on this mission. Selena complies and returns to the Imperial Capital. In order to regain her lost honor, Prince Lyon tells Selena to retrieve a dragonstone for him. Selena vows to never question the Emperor again, and sets off to Za'albul Marsh.

When she arrives, Selena meets with Myrrh, who asks for her dragonstone back. Myrrh then tells Selena how the wave of dark energy emanating from Grado changed Vigarde completely. After their meeting, Selena lets Myrrh free as she prepares to battle with Ephraim. After her death, Myrrh regains her dragonstone.



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