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Selina is a young witch residing in the Cloud Tower and a villainess in Winx Club, serving as the secondary antagonist of the sixth season.

She was voiced by Jessica DiCicco


Selina joins Cloud Tower in Season 6 and owns an evil book called Legendarium that can make legends become real. When the Trix capture Cloud Tower in the sixth season they order Selina to bring legendary monsters to life using the Legendarium and unleash them against and Red Fountain.


Selina is intelligent and confident. She is not afraid of standing up to use her powers and of the Legendarium to others.



Selina has waist-length thick dirty blonde-greenish hair, fair skin, brown eyes and purple lips. Her favorite color may be navy blue, as she wears a navy blue top with wavy black ends and a mesh collar with a pink circle. She also wears a navy blue jacket with high-collars and sleeves that end with spiked grey areas. Her stomach is covered with mesh, and she has navy blue gloves on her hands. Selina also wears a navy blue skirt with a chain-belt, which she usually uses to hang the shrunk Legendarium and navy blue high heel boots with gray tights.

Younger Years

In Bloom's flashback, she used to have shoulder-length hair and her clothing is shown to be less dark as she is shown wearing a dark teal cardigan with a grey top, short sea green ruffled skirt, dark teal belt, silver bracelets, grey tights and dark teal boots.



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