To human misery.
~ Senator Mendoza, proposing a toast

Senator Mendoza is a villain (most likely the main antagonist) of an unspecified entry (presumably the first) in the McBain movie franchise existing in The Simpsons universe. He is McBain's arch enemy.


He was a senator, however, he secretly ran a drug-cartel. McBain stumbled upon evidence that he was running the cartel, and thus attempted to bring Mendoza to justice. Mendoza also arranged for an assassination attempt on McBain at a diner via a planted "waiter," but Skowie, McBain's police partner and best friend, ended up taking the bullet. It is also revealed that Mendoza is the creator of a new drug substance called 'Swank', which he claims is ten times more addictive than marijuana.

Mendoza manages to plant a trap for McBain with a poisoned salmon puff and had his men to arrange an 'unfortunate accident' for the hero. However, McBain escapes and Mendoza eventually meets his end where McBain ends up killing the board of directors staff during a meeting, and then hurls Mendoza (who was attempting to sneak attack him with a pistol) out of the window onto a gasoline truck, being caught in the explosion.


  • He is a parody of many action movie villains, but bears the most resemblance and reputation to Ernst Stavro Blofeld, James Bond's archenemy from the titular film franchise.
  • One of his henchmen (as seen in the video below) resembles Hans Moleman, a regular recurring/supporting character from The Simpsons.


McBain (The Full Movie, High Quality)

McBain (The Full Movie, High Quality)


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