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~ Senden's first word when being enlarged

Senden is an Odontamblyopus lacepedii-themed Action Commander and is the main antagonist in episode 24 of 2011 TV series called Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

He is voiced by Yusaku Yara.


He is a multi-headed Action Commander from the Zangyack Agency, whose specialty is propaganda. His attacks are the Publicity Wave (宣伝波 Sedenpa) and the Publicity Punch (宣伝パンチ Senden Panchi).

He made his first appearance on the Gigant Horse introducing himself and his business to the crew not to mention his which is so long that it made Warz Gill fall asleep. So Damaras sent him down to earth to begin his propaganda.

Speaking of which he then appeared on the said planet sending out fliers and a couple of to everyone in Japan about them allying to Zangyack with some help from Gormin Sailors. However that he didn't know that Jealousto was having fun playing a game of catch with a Takoyaki seller. So he and the sailors chased the duo to the stadium.

Once they managed to corner the duo he and the sailors were then ambushed by the arrival of the Gokaigers. So he sent the sailors to battle the team. However when they're about to finish him off as ninjas Senden manage to make a quick getaway.

He then arrived back onto the Gigant Horse as he is forced to used to physical measures with a Zangyack bazooka. Back on Earth Senden has brought back an army of footsoldiers ready to defeat the pirates, but they were put on hold due to this Takoyaki situation of Jealousto becoming an apprentice chef. So when this gives them no he then open fired on them prompting the group to transform and battle Senden.

As this goes on he and couple of Gormin Sailors and Sugormins battle the pirates at the huge drainage pipes. And once he open fired on the chef's mother Jealousto manage to sacrifice himself to take the shot. After that they managed to destroyed the bazooka as Timerangers and finished him off with their Final Wave attack and Legendary Dream.

However thanks to Damaras Senden was then enlarged prompting the team to bring out GokaiOh and GoZyuJin. He managed to deal some to the two Megazords so the pirates brought out Gaolion and fused it with Megazord to become ShinkenGokaiOh. After that he was then destroyed by these two finishers and they are Gokai Samurai Strike and GoZyu Triple Dream.


  • The orange head of Senden greatly resemble Wildmutt from the Ben 10 series.


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