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~ Senior Vice President of Sales

The Senior Vice President of Sales (commonly known as VP) is one of the four bosses of the hit game Toontown Online and Toontown Rewritten. He is the leader of the Sellbots.




During the VP toons have to grab pies form the caged shopkeeper. Toons must throw pies at his undercarriage to stun him then toons must throw pies at his body to knock him back.

The VP has many types of attacks His Notable attack is throwing Gears He will throw gears at the player Like the CFO and CEO. His Second attack is when his undercarriage opens gears will come out damaging any toons in the way. Finally, his most powerful attack his when the VP jumps in the air and lands making a loud boom damaging any toons for 10 laff if they do not jump.

After you stun and pie the VP several times over the VP will end up at the cliff. He will fall down the cliff defeating him.