Senishenta is a Daimon sent by Kaorinite to extract a Pure Heart. She is made of crystal, and uses a sword arm as a weapon. She also uses a crystal beam made of shards of glass to encase her victims in crystal. She appeared in Episodes 12 and 13 of the anime series Sailor Moon S.

Kaorinite planted Senishenta's Daimon pod in one of the glass ghoes Darien was getting for Serena for her birthday, and sold the shoes to Darien. Senishenta knocked off Serena's locket before she could transform, leading Kaorinite to suspect that she was Sailor Moon. Senishenta encased Tuxedo Mask in crystal, and Kaorinite led Serena to Tokyo Tower to extract her Pure Heart. Twice Senishenta extracted Serena's Pure Heart; the first time it was returned by Tuxedo Mask, the second time it was returned by Sailor Uranus, who said it did not possess power, even though it initially appeared to. Sailor Venus, disguised as Sailor Moon to fool Kaorinite, broke Senishenta's arm. Once she regained the locket, Serena transformed into Sailor Moon and destroyed Senishenta.

Kaorinite would later use a vial of culture fluid on the restored shoe to absorb Senishenta's power, which was eventually turned against her by Sailor Uranus, resulting in her death, freeing Tuxedo Mask and reuniting Serena with him.


  • Senishenta appears in more than one episode, unlike most monsters of the week.
  • Senishenta appear for cameo on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars it was in movie Rose Pure Heart were taken after her along all Daimon
  • Senishenta is among the Daimons that appear in Sailor Moon: Another Story. The first one was a boss under the name of "Persian Cut" when it attacked OSA-P. The rest were shown as common enemies