Senoh is a villain in the Street Fighter series. He appears in the film Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.

Senoh was voiced by Milton James in the English version of the movie. He was voiced by Chickao Otsuka in the Japanese version.


Senoh is the head of Shadaloo's science division. He is first seen when M. Bison returns to headquarters. Senoh then presents his latest creation: a cyborg that is designed to monitor fighters and analyze their abilities. Afterward, Senoh states that he hasn't located Shadaloo's newest target: a martial artist named Ryu. He expresses doubts about Ryu's strength but is chastised by his boss. Bison orders his head scientist to search for Ryu.

Later, Senoh informs Bison about another martial artist who was recorded by a cyborg. The fighter is identified as Ken Masters and he is shown to possess the same training as Ryu. This information prompts Bison find Ken Masters and recruit him into Shadaloo.

Near the end of the film, Senoh finally locates Ryu who is in Thailand with Ken. Bison to go there and capture both fighters. Senoh isn't seen or mentioned again. His exact fate is unknown.


Senoh appears to be old and almost frail. He wears a white buttoned lab coat that is decorated with a badge of Shadaloo. The top of his head is bald whereas his scalp has long pink hair. Whenever Senoh speaks, his mouth appears to have very few teeth.


Senoh is very loyal to Bison. He is straightforward with reporting the progress of current events. He also has a serious demeanor about his research. Despite Senoh's loyalty, he never hesitates to express his personal doubts to Bison. However, this doesn't prevent him from continuing to receive Bison's respect.


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