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The Shinobu Seven are the main antagonists of the "Chapter Black" arc of the Yu Yu Hakusho manga and anime. They are a group of seven figures gathered and led by Shinobu Sensui to assist him in completing the Makai Tunnel in order to let loose an army of demons to kill everyone on Earth.


  • Shinobu Sensui / Black Angel - Leader of the Seven
  • Itsuki / Gatekeeper - Shinobu's right-hand man and the first of the Seven to join him, as well as the only demon of the group. For his power he controls Reverse Man, a being that exists between dimensions. Represents the sin of Lust.
  • Kiyoshi Mitarai / Seaman - A human psychic who grew up being bullied before he was recruited into the Sensui Seven. He later defected from the group after being shown kindness by Team Urameshi. His territory allows him to mix his blood with water to create constructs. Represents the sin of Envy.
  • Kaname Hagiri / Sniper - A human psychic who acts as Sensui's top field agent and assassin. Attempts to assassinate Seaman after the latter leaves the group. His territory allows him to throw objects with high force that always home in on their targets. Represents the sin of Pride.
  • Minoru Kamiya / Doctor - A successful doctor who joined the Sensui Seven and pledged loyalty to Sensui. Is fully aware that Sensui's goal will result in everyone's deaths including his, but goes along with it because he does not care and believes humanity deserves to be eradicated, anyway. His territory allows him to create viruses, reattach limbs, alter his body chemistry and utilize a psychic scalpel. Represents the sin of Wrath.
  • Tsukihito Amanuma / Gamemaster - A child neglected by his parents who first encountered Sensui when he met him at an arcade. He agreed to join up with him after Sensui tied with him in the game he was playing. Unlike the other Seven, Tsukihito is not aware that what they're doing will lead to his death along with everyone else's. His territory allows him to alter reality to follow the rules of video games. Represents the sin of Sloth.
  • Sadao Makihara / Gourmet - A human psychic, whose territory exists within his stomach and allows him to copy the abilities of anyone he devours. Was later taken over and possessed by Elder Toguro after trying to devour him, only to find his shape-shifting powers were too much for him to absorb. Represents the sin of Gluttony
  • Elder Toguro - Not an official member of the group, he "joined" after Gourmet attempted to devour him, only for Toguro to kill him from the inside and puppeteer his body to get revenge on Team Urameshi. Represents the sin of Greed.


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