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Sentine l is an antagonist in the survival-horror game, The Evil Within. Originally a guard dog, the underground cemetery experiments caused it to become horrifically mutated and an almost insatiable hunger for human flesh.


Like Neun and Zehn, the Sentinel became horribly mutated and murderous after the experiments in an underground cemetery lab.

Before it was the church guard dog but the Sentinel's craving for human flesh became too powerful. It would have six offerings but not even by satisfied then and had to be permanently chained up.

Other than being wrapped in barbed wire and poles, the Sentinel has a second mouth on its neck. It's primary form of attack is to hide behind bushes and charge at Sebastian. However, a freeze bolt or shock bolt can also stop it in its tracks. When the Sentinel charges at the player, a sniper shot to the second mouth can trip it. If the Sentinel is stunned an Agony Crossbow, grenade, shotgun or sniper rifle will do more damage than a handgun.

The Evil Within

Sebastian and Joseph encounter the Sentinel resting in it's cage, chained up.

When leaving the underground cemetery, Joseph and Sebastian are ambushed by the Sentinel. It knocks out Joseph and kicks off his glasses, leaving Sebastian to fend off the creature himself. He is able to knock out the Sentinel but it wakes up though not before Joseph reveals he lost his glasses in the courtyard with the mutated dog.

Depending on the player's choice, Sebastian can either kill the Sentinel or just retrieve Joseph's glasses and return them to him and leave the Sentinel alive. If they do the second option, they cannot go back into the courtyard to fight it.