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Seok Kim is a minor antagonist in the Sweet Home webtoon manhwa series and live action Netflix series.


Growing up, Seok was raised by a violent father. He would use this to justify him being violent in the future, thinking it's the parents fault he ended up the way he did. Seok Kim has frequently abused his wife, Seon Ahn. In the series, he tries to kick out the protagonist, Hyun, because he is turning into a monster. However, once he starts turning into a monster, he begs that the others let him live.


Seok Kim is incredibly stubborn, impatient, and rude to those around him. He also possessed an extreme inferiority complex, believing everyone around him looked down on him. He was physically and mentally abusive towards his wife. Within his inner dialogue with his inner monster, it is shown that he desperately wanted respect and refused to admit responsibility for his abusive actions. He becomes much more apologetic and humble after he started his monsterization, but was unable to resist it in the end.


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