Long live New Saporia!
~ The Separatist chant.

The Separatists of Saporia is a centuries-old organization dedicated to destroying the kingdom of Corona. Their members hail from what was once Corona's rival kingdom, Saporia. and serve as the main villainous faction of the Tangled episode "Rapunzel's Return".



After the war between Saporia and Corona ended due to a romantic union between the leaders of the kingdoms, as well as their land, but because of this a small sect of Saporia felt betrayed and formed the Separatists of Saporia and one day promised to return to reclaim Saporia. after centuries it was thought that this group died out but some people suspected they were still around. this was true as their current leader Andrew was planning to steal Herz Der Soone's journal, which contains Corona's secrets.

Rapunzel's Return

In the season 3 premier, Andrew, alongside Varian and the sepratists have taken over Corona after Varian wiped away the King's and Queen's memories.



Second in Command




  • Members of the sect wear a necklace with an emblem representing their cause.
  • In *Rapunzel: Day One", the emblem of Saporia is printed on the cover of a blue book of potion recipe.
  • At first it was assumed by even character in-universe that the Separatists of Saporia where a giant secretive cult. But "Rapunzel's Return" shows that the group is only made up of a few people. It's likely that over the centuries the group slowly shrank in power and members.


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