The Sept are the main villains in the ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC game Marsport.


The Sept are an insectoid alien race which originate from the planet Gath. Their society is strctured like a hive-mind, with each individual having a clearly defined role within the Swarm. The name Sept was chosen to refer to them due to the existence of seven distinct classes of Sept: Warriors, Warlords, Scientists, Workers, Mid-wives, Concubines and Imperial. Despite the class distinction, each class is considered equally important to the Swarm, with only the Imperial Sept considered more important than the others. The Warriors and Warlords are responsible for invasion and colonization, while the Scientists, Workers and Mid-wives constitute their main population, being only taken to a planet after it's been thoroughly conquered. The Imperial only exist in their homeworld of Gath, with all other classes fanatically devoted for its preservation. Because of this, the Sept are openly hostile to every other lifeforms.

The Sept have reached the Solar System around the year 2424, at which time mankind had already begun space travel, constructing many facilities on the neighboring planets. The Sept began attacking Earth in an attempt to take it over and destroy mankind, occupying many of these human facilities. The conflict between humans and the Sept would span over decades, with the Sept only being kept at bay due to a large force field protecting both Earth and the Moon.

In the year 2494, the force field around Earth starts to weaken, so in order to fix it a mission is started to retrieve the project's original plans, which are stored in the Martian underground base of Marsport, which had been abandoned at the beginning of the Sept invasion and is now under the Sept's control. To accomplish this mission, the Terran Underground Organization sends in Commander John Marsh, who is tasked with invading Marsport and restoring it's central computer in order to find the plans and escape the place alive.

During his mission on Marsport, John Marsh faces two kinds of Sept: the Sept Warriors are small humanoid insectoids who walk by jumping and will attack the hero on sight. He will also find the Sept Warlords, giant and immobile monsters who block his path on key areas. After retrieving the plans, John activates Marsport's self-destruction sequence, escaping in time before the whole place explodes, killing all Sept inside it.



  • Marsport was supposed to be the first of a trilogy of games called the Siege of Earth. It would be followed by two sequels titled Fornax and Gath, which would take place centuries after Marsport and have mankind exploring space while fending off the Sept, eventually attacking their homeworld and returning to Earth for a final showdown. However none of the sequels were ever produced.