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May she guide me through the storm. May she keep me calm.
~ The Seraphites prayer.
They are nested with sin...
~ Seraphites before killing their prey.

The Seraphites, colloquially known as Scars, are a major antagonistic force from the action-adventure survival horror game, The Last of Us II. They are a group of extremely brutal and fanatical survivors who are known for ritually killing all trespassers they find, as well as being engaged in a war with the Washington Liberation Front (WLF).




The Seraphites all notably look similar in matters of dress, they wear dark clothes, brown cloaks and white undershirts. The men all have shaved heads while the women wear their hair in a crown-style.

Many seraphites also have notable Glasgow smiles carved across their cheeks.

Beliefs and Practices

The Seraphites are noted for their devout faith in their spiritual beliefs, as well as their noteworthy brutality when engaging their enemies. Upon the capture of an enemy, their primary method of killing them is having them hanged while disemboweling them, believing that all enemies are "nested with sin", while doing this they pray in an effort to atone for these sins and after the victim has died they claim them to have been freed.

The Seraphites worship their founder and prophet, with them having created many murals in her image as well as praying for her to guide them and keep them safe. According to Lev, the prophet's teachings mentioned nothing of the cult's present brutality and that the elder's instead used those teachings to justify said beliefs after her death. The Seraphites hold no modern culture of the old world, with their homes only containing supplies and objects of worship. While the cult is against technology and the old world's dependence on it, there are some exceptions according to Lev, especially for soldiers.

The Seraphites can also be just as ruthless towards any traitors or defectors, including children. This was best seen with Lev's transition and him shaving his head and claiming to be a man. This act was seen as a betrayal and resulted in the Seraphites turning on and attacking him and Yara. It is said that parents can also be held responsible for their children's crimes, although punishment appears to depend on circumstance and faith.

In addition, the Seraphites also use unique phrases of communication and identifying enemies, as they label WLF members as "Wolves", trespassers as "stragglers", defectors as "Apostates" and the Infected as "Demons". When scouting for an enemy, they use whistles to communicate with and alert each other. Furthermore, Emily used the phrase "clip their wings" as an order for two Seraphites to cripple Yara's arms with a hammer.


  • The Seraphites are regarded as one of the toughest enemy factions in-game, being adept at stealth and hiding whilst hunting down the player and keeping each other alert with their whistling. This combined with their brute strength and large numbers makes them difficult to fight against.


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