Sergeant Claibourne is a minor antagonist of the 1994 Disney live action film Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. He is a British army sergeant who was in league with Buldeo.

He was portrayed by Rick Glassey.


Sergeant Clairbourne was known to be a loyal sergeant of Colonel Geoffrey Brydon. But it was not the case during an expedition in the jungle where panic occurred due to the return of a fierce tiger named Shere Khan, who serves as the protector the jungle. Eventually, Brydon's local guide Nathoo eventually found out that Buldeo took in Claibourne and an unnamed sentry under his wing and shot down several animals for sport, which made Shere Khan very angry. Because of this, the three men were targeted by the angry tiger for breaking the jungle law (which stated that one should only kill another to either eat or survive).

Later that night, Shere Khan sneaks into the camp, brutally killing the sentry while Clairboure is busy playing with a pack of cards. Sneaking from behind, Shere Khan spots Clairbourne and brutally mauls him to death as punishment for slaughtering the animals, causing the people to panic. This event is what led to Nathoo's death since the latter saved Buldeo, who ungratefully left him to be mauled by Shere Khan, and for Nathoo's son Mowgli and his pet wolf Grey Brother to be separated from civilization, much to Brydon's discomfort.

Because of this event, Buldeo became in the run from the law (with the help from William Boone, John Wilkins and Sergeant Harley) as Brydon holds him responsible for the event by convincing Clairbourne and the sentry to break the jungle law and causing their deaths (including Nathoo's) by the jaws of Shere Khan in the first place.


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