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Sergeant Kourov is the secondary antagonist of the 1988 film Rambo III. He is a Soviet army sergeant who serves as the right-hand man of Colonel Alexei Zaysen.

He was portrayed by Randy Raney.


Kourov is first seen alongside Tomask escorting a captive Sam Trautman to Zaysen's office, as the latter intends to coerce him into giving out locations of stinger missiles. Despite an annoyed Trautman telling that he doesn't know anything about any missiles, Zaysen refuses to believe him and orders Kourov to torture him.

Eventually, Trautman's protege Rambo came to the rescue, freeing Trautman and allowing him to kill the shop assistant who betrayed them. As such, Zaysen angrily ordered Kourov and his other men to hunt down Rambo and Trautman. Following the deaths of Tomask and his pilots, Zaysen spotted Rambo and Trautman heading down an underground cave, so he sends Kourov and several men to go after them. However, Rambo and Trautman managed to finish the men, and Kourov ends up being attacked by Rambo, who tries to shoot him with an explosive arrow. However, Kourov used one of his own men as a human shield to survive, although his face was injured by the explosion.

Climbing up back to the surface, an injured Kourov attacked Rambo with all his rage. Rambo tried to fight back by using his dagger and strangling him with the cable leading into the hole, but Kourov was too strong for him. Kourov then begin to break Rambo's back by doing a bear hug, but Rambo pulled off the pin of an F1 hand grenade on Kourov's uniform, forcing him to let go in order to take the grenade off. Before Kourov could take the grenade off, Rambo knocked him down the hole. As the rope was around his neck, he was hanged for a split second before the grenade exploded, blowing Kourov to his fiery death.


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