I'm gonna stop this thing. Tell my wife I love her. [jumps in front of the boat in an attempt to stop it] COME GET SOME!
~ Sergeant Samuel Roderick to Mr. Fitz before getting run over

Sergeant Samuel "Sam" Roderick, also known as Mr. Sharky, is the main antagonist from the animated TV series SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Mrs. Puff, You're Fired".

He was voiced by the late Robin Sachs.


Sergeant Roderick makes his first appearance where Mrs. Puff was fired for failing to teach Spongebob how to drive so many times by Mr. Fitz, so she was replaced by Roderick.

Roderick was very strict, making Sponebob learn every inch of a difficult driving course, first by crawling and then by walking and finally by running through it whilst blindfolded. Soon Spongebob could complete the course while driving blindfolded.

When it came to Spongebob's test for his license he attemped to put on his blindfold, but was told not to. But Spongebob never learned how to drive without his eyes closed and was soon out of control. Roderick tried to stop the boat, but was run over.

Spongebob failed his test and Mrs. Puff was hired again. It was never shown what happened to Roderick afterwards, but it is presumed that he is dead.


Roderick: Hello, worthless students. I'm your new instructor. [crash] No one's ever failed my class...that's lived through it. I can assure you these next 4 weeks will be the worst years of your miserable lives. Your spine will break, your teeth will ache, your eyes will be bloodshot. You will drive out of this school in style. All you will be carted out in your granny's hand basket. Everyone will follow the rules of the class. First rule: No talking.
Peterson: Does that mean... [Roderick throws Peterson through the door]
Roderick: Second Rule: no eating in my class. Would anyone care for a bon-bon.
Monroe: Uhh, I'll eat one. [all gasp. Monroe walks to Roderick]
Roderick: Pick your favorite. [Monroe takes one and eats it] How's it taste?
Monroe: It's a delightful taste sensation.
Roderick: No eating in my classroom! [throws Monroe through another door]
~ Sam explaining the rules of the class.



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