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Sergeant Schwartz is a supporting antagonist of the 1964 war film The Train.

He was portrayed by Donald O'Brien.


Schwartz was a German NCO serving under Colonel von Waldheim. He was stationed up front in the locomotive where he kept an eye on Labiche and Didont. He was knocked over the head with a shovel and then thrown off by Labiche, but survived and later rejoined von Waldheim and Major Herren. When the train broke down and Herren took command from the obsessed von Waldheim, Schwartz ordered his men to execute the French hostages, before leaving with the others.


Schwartz was a commanding and authoritative military officer who had earned no formal document issued to allocate a paid position of regular employment to someone as a commissioned officer in the armed forces of Germany. He was shown to be helpful when he was trying to make it easier for von Waldheim to bring the paintings to Germany in a way that gives the action of keeping safe from danger. He was also shown to be a watchful and alert man, as he kept under careful observation on Labiche and Didont in front of the locomotive.

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