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Sergeant Yushin is a supporting antagonist of the 1985 film Rambo: First Blood Part II. He is a Soviet army sergeant who served as the right-hand man of Lieutenant Colonel Podovsky.

He was portrayed by Voyo Goric.


Yushin first appeared when Podovsky came to the POW camp (commandeered by Captain Vinh) following the capture of John Rambo. Podovsky told Rambo to contact his superiors (Colonel Trautman and Marshall Murdock) of his capture and not to send any more backups, but Rambo refuses. To that end, Podovsky had Yushin to torture Rambo through electrical shocks and a heated dagger.

Eventually, Rambo seemingly gave in when Yushin threatened to stab a POW named Banks in the eye with the same heated dagger, but this only gave Rambo a chance to escape by beating up both Podovsky and Yushin before giving the latter the same electrical shocks. As such, Podovsky angrily orders Yushin and the others to hunt down Rambo at all costs.

Following the death of the Lieutenant Tay at the hands of Rambo, Yushin commandeered a helicopter and spotted Rambo before releasing a napalm bomb to kill him. Fortunately, Rambo was able to evade the explosion by jumping into the riverbanks. Rambo then board the helicopter before engaging into a fight against Yushin. At first, Yushin had the upper hand, but Rambo managed to turn the tables by grabbing Yushin by the neck and throwing him off the helicopter, sending him to fall screaming to his death.


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