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It looks as if your friend has arrived. (Lee: I'll enjoy introducing him to you.) I doubt having the pleasure. He has forced me to hasten our departure..... (wields out a knife) .... and yours.
~ Petrofsky about to kill Lee Cullen.

Sergei Ivanovich Petrofsky is a supporting antagonist of the 1996 film Eraser. He is a mafia leader of Russian terrorists bent on buying electromagnetic rail-guns that will usher a new era of global terrorism.

He was portrayed by Olek Krupa, who also portrayed Peter Beaupre in Home Alone 3.


According to U.S. Marshal John Kruger (the hero of the film), Petrofsky is known to have sold drugs and weaponry in his country. U.S. Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper has arranged an illegal arms sale of rail-guns (created by Cyrez Corporation) and Petrofsky pays in a sum of $52 million through his Swiss bank account for 10 tons of the weaponry. Following the suicide of Cyrez Vice President William Donahue, Harper assigned Cyrez CEO Morehart to continue on with the plan and provide more security in Cyrez (under the leadership of Cyrez security chief James Haggerty) in case of any more intruders. Harper also assigned his right-hand man Robert Deguerin to oversee the shipment on Petrofsky's freighter ship at the Baltimore docks.

After Cyrez executive Lee Cullen is kidnapped by Deguerin, she is brought over to the docks, where she is introduced to Petrofsky while being tied up to a chair. As Deguerin takes up the responsibility of putting up the last cargo box onto Petrofsky's ship, Kruger arrives to stall the shipment by using two rail-guns to take down many of Deguerin's men (including Agents Schiff and Calderon). Upon witnessing the scene, Petrofsky orders his men to set their ship for departure while attempting to stab Cullen with a dagger. However, another blast from a railgun distracted Petrofsky long enough for Cullen to free herself and knock him down before escaping.

Petrofsky shot to his death.

After recuperating, Petrofsky and his men attempt to gun down the fleeing Cullen, but they failed, though Degeurin manages to capture her again. They later spot Kruger trying to catch Degeurin on the cargo box, so they try to gun him down. Fortunately, Kruger brought in Johnny Castleone (a mob witness whom Kruger saved earlier), who brought in Tony Two-Toes (who owns the docks and is disgusted by the illegal arms sale) and his men to help. Taking refuge inside a bulldozer blade, Johnny, Tony, and their men manage to gun down Petrofsky and his men to their deaths while Kruger defeats Deguerin and hands him over to the arriving authorities.


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