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Sergio De Luca is the main antagonist of the 2015 action comedy film Spy.

He was portrayed by Bobby Cannavale who also played Gyp Rosetti, Guy Danlily, James Kent, and Russel Van Pelt


De Luca was a crime lord and a very intelligent and extremely rich businessman. He can be described as treacherous, disrespectful and disloyal towards his business partners and buyers, which is shown when he double-crosses Solsa Dudaev, his former buyer. He also had a taste for women who showed passion, which is also shown when he grabs a woman and kisses her and then lets her go and she walks away. He betrayed half of his former buyers, and nearly everyone he deals with ends up dead, including Dudaev when Susan Cooper reveals him to De Luca. He also appears to be very sadistic and enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on others. He is also skilled in guns and combat.

Rayna eventually arrives at Lake Valentine where De Luca walks down a stairwell while telling her he had the builders build a stable around the stair. Solsa arrives for the deal and De Luca walks down and greets him, but Solsa ignores his greeting and tells him that he's had enough with the bullshit and asks him where the package was. De Luca replies once his client has seen the payment she would take them to its very secure hiding place. A man handcuffed to the case gets out of the car and opens the briefcase. De Luca pulls out his magnifying glass and looks at the diamonds with it, then turns around to Rayna and tells her it was all hers. Rayna then asks them to follow her to the nuclear impact bomb. Reyna takes them to her Rolls Royce car but Solsa doesn't take her word and asks what was the bullshit. Rayna mocks him and then opens a hidden hand activation panel and puts her hand on it; the panel scans her hand and then opens and reveals the nuclear impact bomb. Solsa walks up and says it is beautiful; De Luca agrees with him while pulling out a gun at Solsa. De Luca's men attack Solsa's and Rayna asks him what he was doing, and De Luca replies he was conducting business and shoots Solsa in the head. Rayna then shouts "What the fuck is going on?" and De Luca tells her that he never expected her to let him have it, saying it was like giving a straddle of air to a hillbilly. He then reveals his true colors and tells her he had a buyer who was willing to pay him 500,000,000 dollars for it and that Dudaev would have never been able to get the bomb onto American soil and that his buyer would have it up on New York City and use it next week and tells her that she hasn't seen Phantom yet.

Rayna then asks him if he was was going to kill her as well, to which De Luca confirmed that he was. Ford barges through the door with a gun, but gets his coat stuck in the handle and he ends up smacking his head of the door, knocking himself unconscious. De Luca insults him and says that his day just keeps getting better and better, but just when he is about to kill Rayna, he gets shot in his shoulder blade. Susan gets a gun but fails to kill him due to the fact his men kept running in front of him to protect him. De Luca takes cover behind a pillar while Susan takes out his men. Susan then searches for De Luca; he comes out from behind the pillar and tries to shoot Susan but Bradley Fine runs in front of her to protect her and gets shot in his shoulder blade for his trouble. Susan charges at him and pushes him against the pillar. De Luca gains the upper hand and pushes her to the ground while strangling her and tells her he should have killed her when he had the chance.

Susan tells Rayna that she needs a gun and tells her to push the gun over, which Rayna does, but barely gets it to move. Susan tells her to stop fucking around and push it harder. Susan attempts to shoot De Luca but the gun was empty and De Luca laughs scornfully. Susan then smashes it to the side of his face and he falls off her. De Luca tries to make his escape with the bomb and the diamonds and then repeatedly tells his men to hurry up with the chopper and then orders them to kill Susan. Susan shoots them and then lunges onto the chopper while Ford also lunges onto her. Ford tries to climb up Susan but ultimately fails and slips while clinging onto her breasts.

Susan says to get his hands off her breasts while Ford slips again down to her boots. Ford tells Susan that her pants are too slippery so he was going to use her legs and swing up and take out De Luca, but Susan's boots slip off her feet and Ford falls while screaming into the water. De Luca realizes that Susan was on the chopper and tries to knock her off but fails. Susan climbs up and opens the door but De Luca replies that he was not in the mood for her bullshit. Susan mocks him saying she was not in the mood for his bullshit while repeatedly smacking him off the door. De Luca manages to get his gun and tells her to back off and that playtime was over. Susan agrees and takes the briefcase from him and threatens to toss it overboard. De Luca begs her not to do it but Susan ignores him and pulls the bomb and the diamonds out of the chopper and into the lake. De Luca threatens to kill Susan but ultimately fails after he is shot by Nancy, who was in 50 Cent's helicopter.

De Luca is knocked unconscious while Nancy cheers, saying that it was her first time shooting a man and accidentally drops the gun. Aldo, who is flying the helicopter, hits on Susan yet again, but Susan rebuffs his advances. De Luca then gets back up, grabs Susan's cupcake necklace and snarks that it's just like a woman to wear jewelry into battle and that it was the most ugliest fucking necklace he had ever seen. Susan agrees and points out that it also comes with a twistible tip and detaches her cupcake necklace while De Luca was still holding on. De Luca then falls backwards in the chopper and the door opens, causing him to fall out of the chopper and plunging into the river to his death. It is unknown if De Luca was ultimately killed during his fall but he is presumed dead.


  • De Luca is the first villain portrayed by Bobby Cannavale to die. He would later be followed by Russel Van Pelt.
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