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Sergio Morello Jr. is the secondary antagonist in the first-half of the videogame, Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven and it's 2020 remake. Sergio is the younger brother and right-hand man of Don Morello, the most powerful mafioso in Lost Heaven.

He is voiced by Matt Bolenghi.


Not much is known about Sergio's background at all, only that he is the younger brother of Don Morello. Sergio is a key figure in the Morello crime family, not only serving as the underboss but also the union leader of all the Lost Heaven unions, particularly the dockworkers union. Sergio was also known to have an uncanny skill of avoiding death.

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Sergio orders a hit on his brother's rival, Don Ennio Salieri and sends some htimen to Pepe's Restaurant. His underlings invaded the restaurant and shot the customers and mobsters there, but before they could kill Salieri, Tommy Angelo intervened and protected Salieri.


Don Salieri sent Tommy and Paulie to assassinate Sergio, but Sergio's "skill" to survive hits causes three of the attempted assassinations to fail. Salieri loses his patience, and sends Tommy and two random hitmen to chase Sergio and get rid of him, but they end up getting killed instead. Tommy then chases Sergio down to a warehouse, where Sergio blocks the entrance. Tommy then crashes an oil truck in the warehouse's blocked entrance, wounding everyone inside. Tommy invades and finishes Sergio's thugs, finally killing Sergio with a shot to the forehead. 


In the remake, Morello is responsible for beating and killing the tied up union worker, whereas Sergio walks in on him.

Sergio already has a reputation for being lucky.


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