The Serial Killer is one of the evil roles from the mystery RPG game Town of Salem. The Serial Killer wants to kill all people in the town and survive until the end of the game.


The Serial Killer's goal is kill all the people in the town with their knife and survive until the end of the game, they can win with another Serial Killers, Witches and Survivors. The Serial Killer is a neutral role, so they can not be team with the Town or the Mafia. But, they can be team with Serial Killers, Witches and Survivors and they can try to win together.

The Serial Killer chooses a person every night and attempts to kill them. They can kill all the people who don't be protected or don't have the basic defense.

Killing Conditions

If the Serial Killer attempts to kill the people that have the night immunity, like Werewolves and the Godfather, it won't kill them.

If Escorts and Consorts tries to roleblock them, the Serial Killer will kill them. So, they can not be roleblocked.

If the Jailor jails Serial Killer and does not execute them, the Serial Killer will kill them.

Winning Conditions

The Serial Killer must kill all Town and Mafia members and all the neutral people. However, they can win with another Serial Killers, Survivors and Witches.


The Serial Killer has a basic defense, so they can not be killed by some people. However, some roles can kill them. They are list of the roles that can kill the Serial Killer;

Type of Deaths

  • Werewolf: If the Serial Killer visits Werewolf or the Werewolf visits the Serial Killer, Werewolf will maul them, Serial Killer will die.
  • Veteran: If the Serial Killer visits a triggered Veteran, Veteran will shoot them and Serial Killer will die.
  • Bodyguard: If the Serial Killer visits a person who also visited by the Bodyguard, the Bodyguard will kill Serial Killer, however, the Bodyguard will die too.
  • Medusa: If the Serial Killer visits a gazed Medusa or the Medusa visits the Serial Killer with the Necronomicon, Medusa will turn them into the stone.
  • Juggernaut: If the Juggernaut visits the Serial Killer, the Serial Killer will die.
  • Jailor: If the Jailor jails the Serial Killer and decides to execute them, the Serial Killer will die.
  • Pirate: If the Pirate wins a duel against a Serial Killer, the Pirate will kill them.
  • Arsonist: If the Arsonist douses and ignites Serial Killer's home, the Serial Killer will burn.
  • Witch: The Witch can control a person who have the powerful attack and make them to kill the Serial Killer.
  • Coven Leader: Same as the Witch.
  • Jester: If the Serial Killer chooses to guilty vote or to be abstain to a lynched Jester and if Jester decides to kill them, the Serial Killer will die.
  • Trapper: The Trapper can kill the Serial Killer with their trap.
  • Hex Master: The Hex Master can kill the Serial Killer with the using of final hex.
  • Pestilence: The Pestilence can kill a plagued Serial Killer with rampaging them.

Investigation Results

  • Sheriff: Sheriffs will know their target is suspicious if they investigated the Serial Killers.
  • Investigator: If the Investigators invest the Serial Killer, they will get the result "Your target could be a Doctor, Disguiser, Serial Killer or Potion Master".
  • Consigliere: Consiglieres will know their target is a Serial Killer, they will get the result "Your target wants to kill everyone. They must be a Serial Killer".


There are some achievements that can be earned by perform tasks. They are the achievements that dedicated to the Serial Killer;

  • Lonely Killer: Win 1 game.
  • Murderer: Win 5 games.
  • Psychopath: Win 10 games.
  • Sociopath: Win 25 games.
  • Psychopathic Pact: Win a game with another Serial Killer.
  • Dexter Morgan: Kill the Jailor who jailed you.
  • Bay Harbor Butcher: Kill at least 5 people in one game.


During the day, he shakes hands and makes friends, claiming to be the town's best doctor. However, in the night, he slowly wanders home through the streets of Salem to his humble abode. When he arrives, he pulls out a large knife and cleans it with the greatest of care, a piece of equipment for his patients, or for his victims? Little does this (not really) innocent town know that this person has been striking fear into their hearts for several nights, for, in the day, he acts as if he wishes to help, but in the night, he preys upon the weak using his worn weapon; slowly makes one unlucky soul of the town suffer each night. He is their nightmare: a Serial Killer. "Who is next?" this fiend thinks to himself, for only he truly knows who is next; every night, every citizen is left wondering what will happen. Every one of them. He finally decides to attack an elderly man known for his wise words throughout Salem. As he exits his home, he quickly, yet quietly, walks to the poor soul's house, hoping not to be seen. Finally, he arrives, and knocks on the elderly man's door. The man opens the door with a great warmness, inviting this killer inside. The instant he walks in and the door becomes shut, he pulls the overused weapon from inside his coat and pounces upon the man, taking him to the ground as a twisted smile forms across his face. He then slowly raises the large knife and drives it into the man's chest, laughing sadistically as he does so. After what little of a struggle the wise man put up is over, the fiend washes himself off, and returns to his home in the night for what little rest he can get before going back to his charade the next morning.
~ The Summer Solstice writing event provides a backstory for the Serial Killer.



  • In the old tutorial, the Serial Killer guides the player and player's first role is the Serial Killer.


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