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We are a movement, unified by a common belief: that humanity and all the other peoples of the known worlds do not deserve to be kept in darkness and ignorance.
~ The Serpent's Hand slogan.
You are the monsters you are so afraid of. Let go of your fear, and join us in the light.

And if you will not… if you keep imprisoning and killing innocents, if you keep forcing the world to stay in the dark… then you will meet the fate of all the slavers and murderers in the worlds' history before you.

We will free those you keep imprisoned. We will rescue those you try to kill.
~ The Serpent's Hand in "North Star".
The Serpent's Hand. Yes, I have heard stories. Freedom fighters, anarchists, revolutionaries. The revival, in any case. The original Hand of the Serpent was a knowledge cult worshiping legends of me I left throughout your history. The Ouroboros, the Shesha, the Nagaraja. I am… heartened to know the cause is still being fought in my name.
~ The Serpent to an unnamed Wanderer in the Wanderer's Library's "Conversations With The Serpent".

The Serpent's Hand is a small but formidable militant leaderless resistance organization opposed to the SCP Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition, whom it wages guerrilla warfare against.

It has been responsible for the freeing of several SCPs in the past, as well as the loss of several GOC cells. It is considered a "para-environmental terrorist organization" by the GOC and their agents have standing shoot-on-sight orders for all Hand agents.


Goals and Motives

Whereas many organizations involved in the supernatural and paranormal in the Foundation universe aim to suppress public knowledge of anomalous (supernatural) events and objects in order to preserve a sense of normalcy, the Hand seek to spread awareness of the anomalous to the public and integrate the anomalous into society.

This drives them to extreme opposition to the GOC, who see the anomalous as in and of itself anathema to the human race and regularly destroy anomalous objects, often using anomalous technology to do so themselves. They are also opposed to the Foundation due to its containment of anomalies, including imprisonment of sentient anomalies, although they do not despise them as much as they do the GOC.

Many members of the Hand are anomalous themselves or are heavily connected with anomalous humans or humanoids (such as anomalous friends or family).


As a leaderless resistance organization, the Hand does not have any organizational structure; the only true requirement for joining the Hand is to decide that one is a member and carry out acts in the name of the Hand.

This is only partially understood by the Foundation and the GOC. However, most members are known to utilize portals to an extra-dimensional library known as the Wanderer's Library, the nexus of all realities.

One prominent member in the Hand, often (mistakenly) theorized to be its leader, is an enigmatic female figure known as L.S. It is possible that L.S. is Alison Chao (also known as the Black Queen), the daughter of Dr. Gears, as it may be an acronym for "Little Sister".

The Serpent's Hand also overlook the information contained in the Wanderer's Library regarding several anomalies, people and groups which exist in the multiverse. While discussing these information members will leave funny comments which shows that the Serpent's Hand is comprised of young people who from time to time don't take things much seriously.



The Serpent's Hand originally started out in the ancient times as a warrior cult known as the Hand of the Serpent. This cult was made out of long-lived monks who worshipped the Serpent as the god of knowledge and the creator of the Wanderer's Library and believed that the spread of knowledge was greatest honor one might receive. However, as time went on the cult slowly died out, leaving behind their teachings.

Eventually in the modern age, a group of people found the teachings left behind by the Hand of the Serpent and became inspired to spread the knowledge of the universe to the entire world and together reformed the group into the New Serpent's Hand. However, in their goal of spreading the knowledge the group faced opposition from the SCP Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition who were determined to keep humanity ignorant of the anomalous world, and because of this the Hand deemed them their enemies and would come into conflicts with the organizations.

Possible Endings

Quiet Days

One day, for unknown reasons, every single anomaly which ever existed was either neutralized or normalized, much to the shock of all of the GoIs. In the aftermath, the Serpent's Hand began losing most of its members as they didn't have a cause to fight for anymore before being completely destroyed by the Chaos Insurgency.


In December of 2018, after the Veil of Secrecy was destroyed as a result of Mekhane's appearance on Russia and the destruction of SCP-610, the anomalous world became public knowledge, which allowed the Hand to finally go public. They proceeded to fuel several riots in Mexico and coupled with the Chaos Insurgency handling the drug trade, it eventually lead to a civil war in 2021. In 2022, the war arrived to Texas/New Mexico border which prompted the Foundation to send its forces to stop the Hand and the Insurgency.

A Quiet Night

When the Foundation began using SCP-3475 to force the concepts of the anomalous out of humanity's collective consciousness this accidentally caused everyone to forget everything which included even normalcy. This also caused several manifestations of SCP-2747 which went on and destroyed parts of reality which also included people and soon began spreading to other realities such as the Wanderer's Library, destroying much of the Serpent's Hand, leaving only X.N. and H.Y.U. as the last remaining members.

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The Hand and the Serpent eventually decided to go all in and forcefully grant humanity all of the knowledge. They devoured the knowledge of the Tree and spread it throughout the world in order for humanity to ascend to paradise. However, they did so seemingly in secrecy as one of the Horizon Initiative's holy texts about Saint Manos which prophesied this event became corrupted and lost.



  • M.
  • Serpent's Nest


  • John Morse
  • Dominic Alvares
  • Joanna Cross
  • Elizabeth Dufree
  • Tilda Moose (formerly)
  • David Mercer (PoI-24152)
  • O. M. Jenkins
  • Grauen Wolke
  • Gewitter Wolke
  • Crow Far-Walker
  • Hayden L.
  • Lola S.
  • Zeb T.
  • Jana O.
  • L. S.
  • S.C
  • W. L.
  • James Franklin
  • Trünan
  • Kunj
  • Children of the Sun (formerly)
  • Claire Pierce
  • David Blindman
  • Mrs. Redd
  • Agent Hopper (SCP-507)
  • Pangloss (possibly)

Relationships with other anomalous factions

The Serpent's Hand refers to the SCP Foundation as the "jailors", for locking up the paranormal, and believes that keeping the secret from the public is wrong. Despite this, the two groups have secretly worked together against more dangerous anomalies and open hostilities are rare.

The Global Occult Coalition on the other hand is viewed with extremely open hostility by the Hand, due them destroying anomalies and are often called "bookburners" because of this. The Hand is only known to use unprovoked violence against the GOC, since they regard them as the Hand's archenemy.

Due to their incompetence, the Unusual Incidents Unit when encountering members of the Hand are ordered to comply with orders given by the members despite their opposition to the group since the UIU agents are no match for the Hand with their knowledge and magic.

The Hand appears to have friendly relationships with the Manna Charitable Foundation, some non-violent groups of the Church of the Broken God, and the Fifth Church, while the Hand appear to have a complicated relationship with the Office For The Reclamation Of Islamic Artifacts, the Horizon Initiative, and Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. as they sometimes help each other out while other times have hostile confrontations.

The Children of the Scarlet King and the Chaos Insurgency, the latter being referred to as the "madmen", are enemies of the Hand, despite sharing the same goal of breaking the Veil and utilizing anomalies.

Apparently the Oneiroi, Dr. Wondertainment and the Wandsmen have ties with the Hand and appear to be on good terms.

Some members of the Serpent's are also members of the group known as Are We Cool Yet?, but appear to be some of more pacifist in compared to most AWCY? members.

Jude Kryiot and JJ of the Gamers Against Weed are also members of the Serpent's Hand. Despite this, the Hand don't affiliate with the group and nor do they wholly approve of their actions.

The Serpent's Hand appear to view Sarkicism as a major threat to the world, and think that this dangerous religion should be stopped, but still accept former members of the religion as seen with Vlad, child of SCP-4294. The Hand also have similar view to SAPPHIRE due to their hostile and unreasonable nature towards the anomalous and religion, which prompted the Hand to refer to them as the "Deniers".

Despite referring to the Faeries as "friends" and together crafting the Blue Lily Chains as a sign of friendship, a large number of the Serpent's Hand regard them as hostile misanthropic monsters who hate humanity for no real reason and believe that they deserved to have their names lost.

The Serpent's Hand is aware of the existence of the Three Moons Initiative and some members seem to view them as some lunatics, but despite this one member invoked the name of the Initiative's god, Jalakåra.

SCPs Associated with the Serpent's Hand

  • SCP-268: A tweed-wool newsboy cap that gives its wearer permanent antimemetic properties that allow the wearer to go everywhere they want without being perceived. It belongs to L. S. who thanks to her properties achieved by the cap was able to break inside the site where it was contained and reclaim it without a problem.
  • SCP-285: A shapeshifting Mister named Mr. Hax created by a member of Gamers Against Weed as part of their parody line of Misters, but after its creator joined the Serpent's Hand it was then used to violently attack the Unusual Incidents Unit against its own will. It possessed some digital documents that possessed information regarding the creator and the two groups before they became corrupted after 285 was abandoned by its creator who severely abused it.
  • SCP-900-J: A world-destroying monster that at some point came into conflict with the Serpent's Hand, before it was captured by the Foundation.
  • SCP-1000: The species of Bigfoot who were previously the dominant species on Earth before being mostly extinguished by humanity. An outcast group of the Serpent's Hand, named the Children of the Sun held valuable information regarding SCP-1000 before they were destroyed by the Foundation.
  • SCP-1083: A blue-tinted piece of quartz in the shape of a deformed human skull that when held with both hands by a person the entity inhabiting it would grand that person knowledge, but if they were unworthy due to committing crimes it would show them the truth behind their actions which would cause that individual to become suicidal. It was somehow related to the interdimensional group known as Alexylva University, but previously held by the Serpent's Hand before they left it in one of their abandoned safehouses.
  • SCP-1203: A girl who is the embodiment of the Ouroboros as after reaching maturity she would give birth to a baby girl that became her new body while her previous one died and if this process is interfered then the individuals responsible for the interference would die through gruesome ways. She was being accompanied by some members of the Serpent's Hand near the Feathered Serpent pyramid before the Foundation found them and put the girl under their custody.
  • SCP-1291: A man named Roy Wilson who possibly had some tie with the Serpent's Hand before summoning an entity that went on to possess him. This caused Wilson to be bounded to wheelchair due to his body degrading and possess a temperature of 155°C and self-sustenance. If someone is present near him their mental state starts deteriorating until becoming comatose and if someone touches him then tumors will grow all over the individual's body.
  • SCP-1527: A remote settlement previously inhabited by possible members of the Serpent's Hand who had sealed some being named the Bellmaker. The buildings are made out of indestructible white stone and possess artifacts featuring an unknown language. At the center of the settlement there's a church designated SCP-1527-1 with a bell that when rang by the entity every 12:25AM it would manifest crustacean-like entities with telepathic powers which would try to escape the town and form a way for their master to escpae.
  • SCP-1591: A levitating glass sculpture in the shape of a star, surrounded by 14 sheets of stained glass which emitted light that increased in luminosity with any prolonged contact with the light resulting in objects and individuals becoming transparent and vanishing entirely. This sculpture was previously one of the many stars present in the infinite space of the Wanderer's Library which was taken by some Italian members of the Serpent's Hand before they themselves faded away from the light.
  • SCP-1765: Three reality bending female beings who were summoned by the Serpent's Hand after being captured by the SCP Foundation. These powerful entities became curious of how the Foundation worked and took over the entire site they were in and turned it into their own research facility where they tested the personnel and captured members of the Hand.
  • SCP-1783: A two-dimensional pug-like entity made out of cardboard that appeared as a living cartoon character and can transform people into lifeless two dimensional cardboard cutouts. It manifested out of nowhere among members of the Serpent's Hand who tried to get rid of it, but after seeing that it could not be destroyed and that they were about to transform into cardboard cutout they decided to break inside one of the Foundation's sites and leave it to personnel before they killed themselves.
  • SCP-1926-R: The city of R'lyeh in which Cthulhu was slumbering. A Serpent's Hand member wrote in a letter confiscated by the Foundation that the old god would soon awaken and cause something unknown.
  • SCP-2091-1: A man named David Lennox who had been transformed into a living sculpture of a grizzly bear. He did this with the help of a member of the Serpent's Hand in order to evade death and look after his granddaughter.
  • SCP-2635: An uncooked red potato that when held by a group for over a year half of its members would spontaneously combustion and die, or if it was one person holding it then they would die through the same manner, while everyone else would not notice the deaths. It was created by an anti-Russian member of AWCY?, before the Serpent's Hand stole it from the Chaos Insurgency and used it to kill the heads of several states and accidentally killing the leader of the Hand's Task Force.
  • SCP-2975: A living house known as the "House of Memory" which was built atop a deep cavern named the Gate of Horn which led to a dream-like world magically located at the center of Earth where an evil eldritch being known as the White Sun slumbered. The Hand sought to destroy the house since an apocalyptic cult worshiping the entity planned to awaken it, but instead contacted the Foundation to deal with it.
  • SCP-4612-A: A dead god residing in an underground structure beneath Provisional Site-91. The Serpent's Hand were the first to discover it thanks to information gathered from the Wanderer's Library.
  • SCP-5024: An extradimensional infovorous entity which exists as a pocket dimension whose interior resembles that of an empty library, created by Charles Dupuis who originally intended to have it replace the Wanderer's Library after he deemed it lost and useless as a result of various individuals taking advantage of it. This entity is capable of snatching people while they travel through a Way and trapping them inside itself before proceeding to suck all information from them, which includes their knowledge, understanding of basic functions and personal information. As it became a major threat to the Hand, the group decided to collaborate with the Foundation to neutralize it for good.
  • SCP-5434-1: The Greek god Himeros who is the last of the Erotes and an associate of the Hand. After the Foundation closed Himeros' smartphone application that served to help various people struggling with love, the god became depressed which led to the Hand convincing the Foundation to find an alternative way to contain the application and make Himeros happy.
  • SCP-6000: A Way created in the Amazonian forest by some members of the Serpent's Hand through a thaumaturgic ritual. Under the influence of the Serpent, the Way began expanding throughout Earth, eventually turning the entire planet into a new area of the Wanderer's Library. This resulted in the entire universe becoming another story stored within the Library.
    • SCP-6000-A: A pyrokinetic member of the Serpent's Hand who was part of the group responsible for creating the Way. As a result of the ritual she came into contact with the Serpent who proceeded to transform her into a human-serpent hybrid. After the Wanderer's Library enveloped the entire Earth, SCP-6000-A reverted back to her normal human body.
  • SCP-6001: A microscopic portal to a parallel universe in which the Foundation collaborated with the major groups of interest and established worldwide peace. Together they formed the Compendium as the benevolent ruler of the Earth and began using the anomalies to benefit not only humanity but all life on Earth which eventually lead to Earth becoming a near perfect utopia. The Serpent's Hand, alongside the Chaos Insurgency and the Wanderer's Library, were part of the Compendium being known as "The Wanderers", but prior to the Compendium's formation the Wanderers were at war with the Foundation after finding what they had done to SCP-231-7. When the portal was opened to the main universe the Compendium made a poll to decide whether to contact this chaotic universe and offer them help for them to become an ideal world just like them or cut all ties with them just like they did with other universes filled with never ending conflicts, with the Wanderers voting for contacting with this universe.
  • SCP-6314-L: An intelligent loris named Liv the Literate Loris created by Dr. Wondertainment and a member of the Serpent's Hand.
  • SCP-6314-M: A humanoid moose named Melanie the Manly Moose created Dr. Wondertainment. Uses xe/xyr pronouns and is a member of the Serpent's Nest, a group which acts as leaders of the Hand.
  • SCP-6333: The collective designation for a set of plant-based anomalies, SCP-6333-1 and SCP-6333-2. SCP-6333-1 are seeds which produce visible and infrared light when in proximity with other SCP-6333 plants and seeds. SCP-6333-2 are plants grown from SCP-6333-1, which have heightened longevity, possess irregular shape, don't produce flowers and seeds, flourishe better when in proximity to any type of anomalies, have negative reaction when artificial substances are applied to them, and grant positive effects to their caretakers. It came in the attention of the Foundation and allied groups of interests by the Hand during a conference of ambassadors.
  • SCP-6500: An entropic event which would have caused the total eradication of anomalies. It was foreseen by the Wanderer's Library as "Cipactli’s Feast" or "The Impasse" which would lead to the "Final Occult War". The Serpent's Hand originally began helping the Foundation in stopping the event, but after it became apparent that it was caused by the Foundation's continuous attempt at containing the anomalous the Hand resumed their usual attacks on the group. In their attempt to stop the event the Foundation recruited Kaito Eguchi, a Japanese monk with loose connections with the Hand, since he possessed an artifact that would help in fighting SCP-6500. In the path in which the Foundation deliberately caused a "Broken Masquerade" scenario and dissolved into Vanguard, they alongside representatives of other Groups of Interest, which also included the Hand, held a meeting discussing the management of anomalies in the new state of the world.





  • In the universe of SCP-5000, in which the SCP Foundation began exterminating the entire human race, the Serpent's Hand began helping the GOC and CotBG in preserving humanity and fighting against the Foundation. However, the Foundation was able to get rid of the Hand by trapping them inside of the Wanderer's Library after destroying the Ways.
  • In the tale "Snippets of an Unveiled World" which took place in the "Broken Masquerade" canon, when PETA tried to protest the containment of the animals held by the Foundation on the paranatural microblogging platform Void, the Serpent's Hand official account responded to their post by insulting them, which became way more popular than PETA's post. In "#StormSite19", when someone suggested as a joke to raid Site-19, in a similar manner to Storm Area 51 event, the Serpent's Hand official account was the first one be onboard to that idea, before it was abandoned after things became somewhat serious.
  • The SCP Foundation created the Mobile Task Force Sigma-3 also known as "Bibliographers", a special MTF made only for disrupting and researching the Hand and the Library's activities. As noted in the tale "The Conspiracy Of Sigma 3", sigma meant "hissing" in Hellenic, and in Mycenaean alphabet Sigma is the 18th letter, with the number 18 being 6 tripled and forming the number of the Devil, or the Serpent as depicted in the Abrahamic religions.
  • Prior to joining the Foundation Tilda Moose, Katherine Sinclair, and Anjali Okorie were once members of the Serpent's Hand before defecting from the group.
  • Some members of the Serpent's Hand created a cheap web series titled "Habil and Qabil", a comedic live action internet series which revolved around fictional depictions of SCP-073 and SCP-076-2 and their friends in Site-17.

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